As the new coronavirus situation unfolds across the U.S., many companies are sending their employees to work from home, where a fast and reliable internet connection is key to staying productive. Therefore CommercialCafe compared and ranked the best cities in the nation for internet connectivity, based on internet subscriptions. In addition to ranking the best connected cities, COMMERCIALCafé also looked into the top 10 states with the fastest and slowest internet connections.

Here’s what COMMERCIALCafé found out:

Phoenix secured No. 17 in the Top 20 most connected cities by household internet, here 85.9% of households have an internet subscription.

• Two other Arizona cities made the top – Mesa snatches No. 7 with 90.1% of households having internet subscriptions and Tucson landing on the 19th spot.

• Overall, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia are the top three states with speeds greater than 48 Mbps. The average internet speed in Arizona is 33.9 Mbps.

• Montana, Maine and Vermont rank at the bottom of internet speeds in the country, dropping as low as 20.3 Mbps in Montana.

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