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Tips to get started with your first DIY project

20 hours ago

We have all seen several videos of different DIYs over social media and other video channels. But it is one…

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Symptoms and causes of HVAC problems

21 Oct

Your HVAC system has several important features. It helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.…

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How to avoid Halloween plumbing scares

20 Oct

Halloween can bring out the plumbers- the real ones, not trick-or-treaters wearing costumes. The holiday’s focus on pumpkins, candy and makeup…

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Home improvement: How to get the job done without the stress

18 Oct

For the most part, homeowners often associate home improvement matters with stress due to the amount of work and money…

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Here are the warning signs of a clogged sewer line

16 Oct

Are you concerned that the main sewer line to your home is clogged? Keeping up with home repairs can be…

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What to know about selling and buying a house with mold

15 Oct

Mold is no joke, and it could be a huge deal breaker if you’re trying to sell a house. However,…

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Tips for decorating your bedroom

13 Oct

There are hundreds of ideas when it comes to talking about bedroom decoration. Whenever one comes back home, the ideal…

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Luxury design Iconic Haus will launch in Paradise Valley

12 Oct

ICONIC LIFE Digital Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and outdoor furniture designer Brown Jordan will present ICONIC HAUS 2020, a luxury design,…

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6 stunning roof designs that are popular

11 Oct

Are you in the market for a new roof? Whether it’s for a commercial building or a house, you have…

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Here is what causes mold in showers

8 Oct

There’s nothing like taking a hot shower only to realize that you’re surrounded by icky mold. Gross! How does mold…

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