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Op-ed: Voting rights under attack

1 Mar

On Tuesday, March 2, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Brnovich v. DNC. On the surface, this is a…

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6 ways the new presidential administration may impact Arizona business

19 Feb

How do you think the new presidential administration will impact Arizona’s businesses? To help Arizona residents with figuring out how…

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6 Arizona mayors join plea for $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill with city aid

4 Feb

Six Arizona mayors were among hundreds who urged Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion pandemic-relief bill that includes $350 billion…

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Flurry of Biden orders on COVID-19 raise some doubts, but more hopes

22 Jan

Almost half of the 24 executive orders President Joe Biden has signed in his first two days in office have…

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Officials prep for possibility of violent protests at Arizona Capitol

19 Jan

The Arizona Capitol is surrounded by two rows of chain-link fence and police presence has been increased, as authorities brace…

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Washington in unprecedented lockdown days before Biden inauguration

18 Jan

Four years ago, President Donald Trump claimed the crowd attending his inauguration was the largest in history, a claim widely…

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Not the ‘blue wave’ they hoped for, but Democrats made gains in 2020

5 Jan

For years, Democrats have argued that Arizona was about to turn blue, and this year they came closer than they…

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As legal challenges continue to fall, Biden electors set to meet, vote

11 Dec, 2020

Add one more thing to the list of normal activities that have been upended in 2020 – the job of…

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Here are the business takeaways from Arizona election

18 Nov, 2020

It’s a wrap. Arizona voters have spoken. Despite some major disappointments, business and industry saw some major wins, too. First…

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How voter registration increases helped Democrats win in Maricopa County

11 Nov, 2020

Arizona has seen a change of demographics with younger voters and the emergence of people moving to the state has…

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