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Here’s what you need to know about the Phoenix Climate Action Plan

10 Jan

Locals are familiar with extended days of extreme heat in the summer – but they might not realize the average…

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Arizona water agencies part of historic effort to invest $200M into conservation efforts

17 Dec, 2021

Water agencies across Arizona, California and Nevada, together with the Department of the Interior, today announced a historic effort to…

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Arizona’s water supply: Don’t let misinformation affect investment

30 Nov, 2021

Back in August, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior declared a long-expected Tier 1 shortage for the Colorado River. This…

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Here’s what Arizona’s golf industry is doing to conserve water

26 Nov, 2021

​​Peak golf season steadily approaches the Valley as concerns about water conservation efforts are being raised and countered by lawmakers…

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Here’s how the City of Tempe is investing in a cleaner future

12 Nov, 2021

The City of Tempe is transitioning to a clean transportation infrastructure in endeavors to help restore the climate. The city…

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Mayor Gallego will co-chair effort to reinvent the future of urban water use

4 Nov, 2021

Mayor Kate Gallego has been named Public Sector Co-chair of the 50 Liter Home Coalition (50L Home), a collaborative of private, public,…

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How Arizonans will be affected by the White House plan to combat extreme heat

1 Nov, 2021

Arizona is no stranger to extreme heat, especially in the summer months. During a virtual climate summit, the Biden administration…

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Map breaks down Arizona’s water shortage and infrastructure

30 Oct, 2021

Arizona State University’s Kyl Center for Water Policy at the Morrison Institute is empowering Arizona communities to build a more…

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Phoenix Suns transform arena into sustainable innovation lab

27 Oct, 2021

The Phoenix Suns have formalized a partnership with Footprint, a locally based materials science company dedicated to sustainable technology. The…

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Here’s how Arizona’s extreme weather is killing the saguaro

26 Oct, 2021

Arizona’s beloved plant species, the giant green saguaro, has had a difficult time surviving the extreme weather in Arizona.    Record-breaking…

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