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12 ways business can better support environmental progress


What is one way that businesses can better support environmental progress? To help businesses better support environmental progress, we asked…

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Why you should have your electronics in Phoenix recycled

9 Jul

The use of electronic devices has continued to increase rapidly over the past few decades. Today, phones, tablets, and other…

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Landmark water deal secures 49 billion gallons of water for Lake Mead

6 Jul

Arizona’s water stewardship efforts received a major boost with an announcement by two water groups that they have achieved a…

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As the drought persists, here’s how Phoenix is prepared

25 Jun

Water is a precious resource in a desert city like Phoenix. Community members understand the importance of water conservation to…

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Here’s how Valley utilities protect water supply amid rapid growth

16 Jun

Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the nation, gaining about 150,000 new residents annually. Along with the rise…

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Arizona’s first excessive heat watch of 2021 issued

12 Jun

Triple-digit temperatures are returning with a vengeance, prompting the National Weather Service to issue this year’s first excessive heat watch, in…

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Is Arizona’s current historic drought a ‘baseline for the future?’

1 Jun

Arizona and other Western states just lived through the driest year in more than a century, with no drought relief…

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Why you need to consider recycling metals now

20 May

You can recycle different materials, and metals are among them. There are benefits to doing it. If you are yet…

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Things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

18 May

The international panel of climate change, otherwise known as the IPCC, has announced that we as a planet have until…

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Here’s how Arizona is preparing for 1st cuts to Colorado River allocation

10 May

Arizona is gearing up for the first-ever “Tier 1” shortage on the Colorado River in 2022, which will trigger significant…

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