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Here’s how we can secure the future of water in Arizona

8 hours ago

Arizona has experienced a rapid transformation from an economy based on agriculture and tourism to one more focused on logistics…

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Here’s how Arizona developers balance growth with protecting water assets

11 May

Describing Arizona’s recent economic development hot streak as anything but banner years for the state would be — to put…

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How Colorado River water shortage will require Phoenix residents to adapt

10 May

At their briefing on Friday, May 6, officials with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Arizona Department of Water Resources,…

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Here’s how Kyl Center promotes sound water stewardship

28 Apr

5.2 million people are currently being affected by the 20-year drought in Arizona, according to the National Integrated Drought Information…

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Some fast facts to know about the Arizona water supply

27 Apr

Arizona leads the nation with rigorous water conservation efforts, and because of the 1980 Groundwater Management Act, Arizona has the…

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10 most endangered rivers list includes 2 from Arizona

27 Apr

Two Arizona rivers landed on an annual list of the top 10 “most endangered” rivers in the U.S. this week,…

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Phoenix ranks among 15 worst U.S. cities for pollution

24 Apr

Maricopa County is one of several Arizona counties that received a failing grade in air cleanliness based on high ozone…

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Here’s why some experts are optimistic about climate change

23 Apr

Climate change — and the issues surrounding it — can be difficult to understand. With Earth Day being observed on…

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Officials say it may be necessary to reduce water deliveries in West

15 Apr

Federal officials say it may be necessary to reduce water deliveries to users on the Colorado River to prevent the…

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Arizona will endure another hot, dry spring as drought persists

1 Apr

People in Arizona hoping for a break this spring from the drought gripping the state will be disappointed, with climatologists…

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