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Here’s how Arizona is preparing for 1st cuts to Colorado River allocation

23 hours ago

Arizona is gearing up for the first-ever “Tier 1” shortage on the Colorado River in 2022, which will trigger significant…

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7 facts to know about Arizona’s proactive approach to water management

1 May

Water is an essential resource no matter where you live. Leadership in Arizona has been at the forefront of conservation…

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Here’s what is being done to protect Arizona’s water supplies for future growth

22 Apr

Arizona’s top water officials spoke to the manufacturing community Wednesday about what’s being done to protect the state’s water supplies…

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Arizona tech leaders transforming mining into zero-harm industry

21 Apr

Major mining operations worldwide are becoming safer and more sustainable with the use of new and emerging technologies designed specifically…

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Here’s how eco-stations in Phoenix improve the waste diversion rate

8 Apr

You might have seen them around the city, they’re the big blue bins on rollers with colorful pictures of all…

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Arizona Thrives Alliance is advancing state’s sustainability goals

3 Apr

Phoenix City Council members voted unanimously for the City of Phoenix to join the Arizona Thrives Alliance. The Arizona Thrives…

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The move toward tighter environmental standards

22 Mar

The transition from a Republican Administration to a Democrat Administration usually comes alongside a change in priorities. Some sectors of…

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Feds rescind approval for copper mine at Oak Flat

2 Mar

The government Monday rescinded its approval for a proposed massive copper mine at Oak Flat, just days before it was…

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House OKs bill to ban mining on 1 million acres around Grand Canyon

2 Mar

The House voted Friday to permanently ban new mining claims on more than 1 million acres around Grand Canyon National…

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Biden climate agenda and what it will mean for Arizona

17 Feb

On January 20th, 2021, Former Vice President and U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th…

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