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High winds, parched conditions prompt red flag wildfire warnings

30 Jun

With bone-dry vegetation, winds forecast at 40 to 50 mph and no rain in sight, fire danger is critically high…

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Arizona afire: Crews scramble to control 11 blazes in the state

21 Jun

Eleven wildfires are blazing in Arizona, covering 448 square miles. The largest, known as the Bush Fire, is in rugged…

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Will warm weather slow COVID-19? Here are some answers

12 Jun

New research from leading scientists raises questions about President Donald Trump’s assertion that warm weather and summer temperatures will drive…

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Engineering ‘marvel’ CAP is a 35-year-old economic powerhouse

11 Jun

Arizona’s engineering masterpiece, the Central Arizona Project (CAP), is celebrating 35 years of delivering Colorado River water to the state’s…

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Preliminary OK for Little Colorado dam proposals worries plan’s critics

30 May

Federal regulators have given a Phoenix company the green light to study a hydropower project for the Little Colorado River,…

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As if firefighting wasn’t dangerous enough, crews grapple with COVID-19

16 May

As if fighting fires wasn’t dangerous enough, firefighters now have to worry about COVID-19 while they’re on the job, making…

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Plan to ‘revive’ uranium mining called unneeded, unwanted by advocates

30 Apr

Environmentalists are blasting a Trump administration call for “bold action to revive and strengthen the uranium mining industry,” an industry…

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Here’s what an emerging megadrought means for the Southwest

29 Apr

It’s the early 1990s, and Park Williams stands in the middle of Folsom Lake, at the base of the Sierra…

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On Earth Day: Focus on solutions that move us forward

22 Apr

There may not be a more unique place in our country than Arizona. From our deserts and wide-open landscapes to…

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Why the air in Metro Phoenix is fresher these days

3 Apr

The Phoenix area is famous for its warm spring days and wealth of outdoor activities, but it’s also known for…

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