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Local First Arizona helps businesses go green

2 Dec

With the help of Local First Arizona’s new Green Business Program, business owners can become certified for implementing sustainable business…

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DigDeep brings access to running water to Navajo Nation

30 Nov

With Phoenix being named the least sustainable city globally and being in the Southwest, where droughts have been long-standing, water…

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Cold turkey: Chilly and wet Thanksgiving expected across Arizona

27 Nov

Another cold and wet week is setting up across Arizona, which, unfortunately, will affect the Thanksgiving holiday. The approaching storm…

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Businesses sign EPA’s America Recycles Pledge to focus on sustainability

25 Nov

The United States Environmental Protection Agency celebrated America Recycles Day on Friday, Nov. 15, in an effort to raise awareness…

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Rain, lower temperatures will mean umbrellas and coats this week

19 Nov

Weeks of warm and dry weather will come to an end as a series of storm systems tap into tropical…

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Arizona water — here are the reasons to be optimistic

14 Nov

Arizona Forward is committed to Arizona water. As Arizona’s oldest environmental advocacy group, Arizona Forward has a water committee made…

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Boo and brrr: A chilly Halloween in store for Arizona this year

29 Oct

A stretch of balmy weather across Arizona ended Monday, thanks to the passage of the first of two cold fronts…

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The scary reality of Halloween recycling

27 Oct

Halloween is all about dressing up, having fun and candy — lots of candy. But Halloween presents a scary reality…

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SRP helps truckers reduce emissions and improve air quality

23 Oct

There is a trucking company in the West Valley that’s offering its drivers what no one else in the state…

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Different types of pollutants create various health risks

18 Oct

Air pollution can cause severe health risks to people. According to the World Health Organization, about 4.2 million people around…

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