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Increase in online shopping drives surge in recycled material in Phoenix

20 Nov

Stay-at- home orders went into effect in your city and you had no other option but to stay at home…

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Forecast calls for drier, warmer Arizona winter to follow ‘non-soon’ summer

17 Nov

State and federal weather officials are predicting a warmer and drier than normal winter for Arizona, which would come on…

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Phoenix remains in drought after record-breaking summer heat

11 Nov

As the seasons start to change, offering cooler temperatures in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is continuing to play…

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Here’s why recycling in the U.S. is getting better and better

3 Nov

The United States has been striving to improve its recycling rate for a long time. As the world turns its…

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R2 Recycling: How reduce, reuse, recycle work together

1 Nov

Recycling is one of the more popular methods to reduce our environmental impact, but it alone is not enough to…

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Why is biomedical waste management important?

29 Oct

Biomedical waste or also known as hospital waste is any waste that is both hazardous and infectious. It can be…

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Arizona will have more ‘extreme heat’ days in future, researchers say

18 Oct

Arizona will experience more days of extreme heat in the coming decade, according to an Arizona State University study that…

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Without the North American monsoon, reining in wildfires gets harder

13 Oct

The North American monsoon has dictated the length of wildfire season for centuries in the U.S.-Mexico border region, according to…

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Understanding best procedures for waste and used oil collection and management

8 Oct

Appropriate used oil collection methods are critical for keeping the environment clean and safe. To accomplish this goal it is…

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Keep Phoenix Beautiful host volunteering events to keep city clean and green

5 Oct

Amidst COVID-19 concerns, Keep Phoenix Beautiful is continuing to host monthly volunteering events and provide cleanup kits to families in…

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