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Why the air in Metro Phoenix is fresher these days

3 Apr

The Phoenix area is famous for its warm spring days and wealth of outdoor activities, but it’s also known for…

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Soak city: A colder storm is barreling toward Arizona

17 Mar

A week after metro Phoenix was drenched by record-shattering rain, another storm will bring additional drops to the desert and…

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January 2020 was warmest January in 141 years of records

28 Feb

Last month was Earth’s warmest January on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports, and that was true in…

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‘Mine of tomorrow’ completes $30 million water protection project

19 Feb

A global mining company that is building a “mine of tomorrow” in southern Arizona with goals for net-zero emissions and…

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Arizona business leaders seek ways to protect water supply

10 Feb

Arizona business leaders from the state’s most sustainable companies — Microsoft, Intel, Arizona Public Service, Ewing Irrigation, Salt River Project…

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Water must be managed as a scarce resource

10 Feb

“Water scarcity” is not a term Arizonans like to use; certainly not civic leaders, economic development professionals or water utilities. …

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Which natural disasters in Arizona currently pose the biggest threats?

8 Feb

Arizona is a beautiful state with vast wilderness and lots to see and explore. This incredible place is also surprisingly…

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Arizona air pollution could impose $250M in regulatory costs on businesses

4 Feb

Arizona industry could be faced with a $250-million bill for air pollution that is mostly created by everyday drivers in…

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EPA’s new clean-water rules hit Arizona, Southwest hardest

27 Jan

Clean-water rules unveiled Thursday by the Environmental Protection Agency could remove the vast majority of Arizona’s waterways from federal oversight,…

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South32 completes multimillion-dollar remediation of Trench Mine

18 Jan

South32 today announced the completion of its multimillion-dollar voluntary remediation project at the former Trench Mine, a closed mine last…

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