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Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ offers some good-faith, bad-taste camp

8 May

Whoever suggested that Marvel revive the Sam Raimi Spider-Man characters is perfecting their backstroke through hundred-dollar bills right now, so…

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Review: ‘The Northman’ is a no-holds-barred Viking epic

26 Apr

The films of Robert Eggers are junctures of myth and reality, each in its own way. The Witch is a…

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Review: Signs point to hope with ‘The Batman’

28 Feb

Now that superhero movies are the biggest thing in Hollywood (they accounted for a third of all domestic ticket sales…

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Review: ‘Butter’ is a tender and relatable tale of teenage angst

28 Feb

“Butter” (Blue Fox Entertainment), based on the book by Phoenix native Erin Jade Lange, follows the trials and tribulations of a…

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Review: ‘Cyrano’ is a tender and sincere depiction of romance

25 Feb

Cyrano, the musical starring Peter Dinklage as the man himself and Haley Bennett as his beloved Roxane, was written by…

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Review: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is prepackaged disturbance

19 Feb

1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was a reckoning with violence as art. Such a stark depiction of senseless violence…

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Here are the 40 winners of 2022 Product of the Year Awards

15 Feb

Product of the Year USA, the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, announced the highly anticipated winners of the 2022 Product…

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Review: ‘Death on the Nile’ is very humdrum

11 Feb

Disney-owned Death on the Nile hews closely to the Agatha Christie novel, save for one notable exception: it begins with…

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Review: Joel Coen delivers stunning adaptation of ‘Macbeth’

23 Dec, 2021

I like to think that Joel Coen adapted Macbeth out of sheer pettiness, seeing as his brother and longtime collaborator…

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Review: Paul Thomas Anderson excels with ‘Licorice Pizza’

22 Dec, 2021

Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest, feels like Boogie Nights and moves like Inherent Vice. Tonally, it’s more buoyant and…

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