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How can we implement reasonable, long-term energy policies?

22 Nov

There have been many advancements in the energy industry over the past decade, yet major opportunities remain for implementing reasonable,…

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Navajo Generating Station permanently shuts down

19 Nov

Operation of one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the Southwest officially ended today (Nov. 18) when its operator, Salt River…

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SRP cuts emissions through major solar and battery energy buy

14 Nov

As part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and invest in 1,000 megawatts of new utility-scale solar energy by…

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Navajo pull backing for tribal energy company over coal mine purchases

13 Nov

The Navajo Nation said Tuesday it is canceling indemnity agreements for the Navajo Transitional Energy Co., fearing the tribe’s finances…

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Palo Verde — inside the nation’s largest nuclear power plant

3 Nov

The nation’s largest nuclear power plant, Palo Verde Generating Station west of Phoenix, provides 70 percent of the state’s clean…

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More efficient than solar? Rust, saltwater show renewable energy promise

29 Oct

Scientists believe they have found a renewable energy source that’s more efficient and cheaper than solar panels: saltwater flowing over…

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6 predictions for the future of solar in Arizona

6 Oct

As solar energy continues to gain steam in the American market, there’s no better time than now to explore the…

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Solar energy – 5 advantages for business

29 Sep

It’s not surprising that an increasing number of companies today are making the jump to solar energy. After all, not…

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APS issues RFPs for more renewable energy

20 Aug

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) announced it is issuing two requests for proposals next month as part of its campaign…

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Evolution of Arizona energy remains a balancing act

22 Jul

Over the past decade, states across the nation — including Arizona — have responded to public demand to increase renewable…

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