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Tips for investing in a bear market

5 Jul

Stocks have entered a bear market after months of volatility. Many investors may, understandably, be feeling uneasy seeing losses in…

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4 ways to teach your children how to save money

6 Apr

Teaching children life lessons at a young age can be difficult, but starting early can solidify positive foundations and habits…

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Stressed out over retirement plan? How to navigate in 2022

19 Feb

For many people, saving enough money for retirement is not an easy process, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the…

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What is a family office? How integrated financial services work for families of significant wealth

6 Feb

UMB Financial Corporation recently announced the formal launch of its Family Wealth offering – a multi-family office registered investment advisor…

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AZ BIG Podcast: Trevor Wilde talks wealth management strategy for 2022

13 Jan

The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 16’s guest is Trevor…

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Do you have a will or a trust established?

6 Jan

Thinking about what will happen to your assets after you are gone is an important part of your financial plan.…

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6 ways to give the gift of financial literacy this holiday season

21 Dec, 2021

This holiday season, don’t buy your loved ones gadgets and junk they’ll eventually hide in a closet. Give a gift…

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Talking estate planning over the holidays: 5 tips from a lawyer

8 Dec, 2021

Most people believe that estate planning is simply completing a document, such as a will or trust. However, it is…

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Year end portfolio management tips

7 Dec, 2021

As we near the conclusion of another prosperous year in the equity markets, it’s important to take some time to…

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Women and wealth: How to build a more prosperous future

30 Nov, 2021

When it comes to wealth, the battle of the sexes is over. Women won. According to Financial Advisors magazine, women now control…

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