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What to do about a lost or stolen check

18 Jun

In 2017, 13.87 percent of consumer complaints to credit bureaus were identity theft related. This last thing any hardworking person…

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Investment options for eager Millennials

17 Jun

Millennials these days are looking for new and improved ways of making more money and getting the right investments for…

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4 tips to successfully manage and maximize excess liquidity

11 Jun

Whether your business is building capital or in a growth cycle, effectively managing excess liquidity is vital to a successful…

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Cost segregation: A necessity for every real estate purchase

7 Jun

Most property owners have barely heard of cost segregation and those who have think it is a tax issue. The…

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8 tips to save on summer bills

5 Jun

Summer is synonymous with fun in the sun, road tripping and unwinding by the pool. But climbing temperatures also mean…

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7 reasons why your business needs a bookkeeper

3 Jun

Keep your business finances in check with a bookkeeper. Keep reading for seven important reasons why your business needs a…

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Is cost savings or cost avoidance better for you?

2 Jun

Finances can be a touchy subject for many individuals and businesses these days. This is because you are really living…

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How to sort out your finances before starting your first business

31 May

Starting and running your very own business is a dream that you have held for a long time, but you…

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5 common real estate accounting mistakes and how to avoid them

30 May

Real estate business is complicated and when you add property accounting to the mix, it becomes doubly so. A single…

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Top 5 lessons learned from 2018 tax season

29 May

San Francisco-based tax law firm of Moskowitz LLP ( offers tips from the recent tax season to help minimize this…

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