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What is maskne and how do you deal with it?

18 Sep

A lot has changed in the last few months, including the regular use of face masks. If you diligently wear…

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Matt Hoodie loses 130 pounds, uses experience to help other get fit

13 Sep

Matt Hoodie has lost 130 pounds and kept it off for more than a decade. Since that time, he has…

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7 simple ways to burn excess fat from your body

8 Sep

We’re living in a generation where many people consider fat as a danger to their bodies. This is just a…

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Clearing things up: 7 advantages of a routine eye exam

30 Aug

Do you feel as if you’re squinting more than you used to? Are you getting headaches that you can’t explain?…

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Weight training for obese men

30 Aug

If you are new to the fitness industry, starting a workout routine can be a daunting task, especially if you…

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Feel tired all the time? 5 ways to restore your energy at any age

28 Aug

Fatigue and tiredness are two words that appear similar in meaning. They both refer to a state of weariness and…

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Mountainside Fitness will re-open Thursday despite AZDHS denial

25 Aug

In an effort to ensure the validity of the “application” process to which AZDHS has subjected all gym applicants, Mountainside…

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Local Club Pilates locations cleared to re-open

20 Aug

Club Pilates announced it will re-open three of its Valley studios tomorrow, Thursday, August 20, after receiving approval from the…

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4 ingredients to combat maskne

17 Aug

Face masks have become essential pieces in our wardrobe and it’s unknown when, and if, they will ever completely disappear.…

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Natural ways to treat a sunburn

17 Aug

While everyone deserves a joyful day in the sun, prolonged exposure without proper sunscreen can leave you with a sunburn…

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