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Trendy Row House fitness concept coming to Arizona

13 hours ago

This year’s hottest new fitness concept trades spin classes and circuit training for a set of oars. Row House is…

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Here are the habits that hurt our mental health

19 Oct

A bad habit can be an easy thing to catch and a hard thing to kick.  A bad habit gone…

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Arizona teens remain vulnerable to mental health issues, suicide

17 Oct

Despite a slightly declining suicide rate for Arizonans aged 15-24, Arizona teens are still vulnerable to mental health issues, and…

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Here are steps to take to improve overall fitness

17 Oct

Having a body that is physically fit and free from illnesses is the usual notion of being healthy. While this…

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3 tips to prevent spider veins

11 Oct

The appearance of unsightly spider veins can be an upsetting and common event in the lives of most people. The…

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Dr. Bomi Joseph explains ‘the delay problem’

9 Oct

With all the advances in science and copious amount of data, we should be quite knowledgeable about health. The Greeks…

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Survey shows benefits of working out with dogs

1 Oct

Pet parents who enjoy working out with dogs are getting 25% more exercise than those who don’t, according to a…

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Why worry about face bumps when you can clear them easily?

13 Sep

Skin bumps of different types are quite common. Although they can cause concerns for some people, often they are harmless…

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BCBSAZ unveils $100,000 fitness center for elementary school

11 Sep

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) and fitness icon Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld unveiled the new Get Fit.…

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Tips to help you manage your anger

9 Sep

 Anger is a natural emotion which you usually have as a response to a stimulus. It could be another person…

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