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4 vitamins that can help defend against COVID-19

27 Feb

As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, we are also learning more about the virus itself, and new…

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Top 50 fittest cities in Arizona

27 Feb

With the pandemic restricting our usual exercise regimes due to social distancing regulations, many Americans have had to adapt their…

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The benefits of chiropractic treatment for sciatica

24 Feb

Sciatica shouldn’t stop you from living your everyday life as simply as possible. Have you considered seeing a chiropractor? Having…

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5 surprising health benefits to getting more sleep

22 Feb

There is really nothing better than climbing into bed after a long, stressful day. You have been dreaming of your…

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5 tips to overcome coronasomnia

17 Feb

Coronasomnia is the name given to insomnia that is sourced from sleep deprivation stemming from the pandemic. Disrupted routines, social…

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5 healthy heart tips to prolong life

11 Feb

Every 37 seconds, one person dies from cardiovascular disease in the United States, making it the most prominent cause of death across…

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6 ways to support your liver

11 Feb

It’s good to live a little. Enjoy memorable meals with loved ones. Savor delicious food and drink. Travel and try…

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The health and fitness benefits of sport

10 Feb

Of course, sport is usually a great way to improve your fitness and health. Most of us may not feel…

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Life Time opens first health club of 2021 in Peoria

3 Feb

Life Time, the nation’s premier omnichannel healthy lifestyle brand, is continuing to transform the Arizona – and national – landscape with the…

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Here are tips for taking care of dry, winter skin

18 Jan

While winters in Arizona are typically not that cold, they can be challenging when it comes to taking care of…

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