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A diabetic’s guide to celebrating the holidays during coronavirus

12 Nov

It’s a joyous time of year where, under normal circumstances, families would gather around the dining room table, come together…

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4 natural ways to boost your child’s immune system during flu season

7 Nov

It is November, which means cold and flu season has officially begun which means parents need to start thinking about…

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Common misconceptions about Christian yoga

1 Nov

If you are a Christian seeking to blend the various and proven beneficial effects of practicing yoga alongside biblical doctrines…

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Banner Desert offers unique sleep apnea treatment

20 Oct

After more than 20 years of troubled sleep, Dwight Johnson can finally sleep peacefully throughout the night. All he has…

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Valley sleep doctor shares 5 signs your child has poor rest

20 Oct

As it turns out, many of us might have misunderstood certain health signs in our children for years. For example,…

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Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans: 5 tips to maintain strong bones

18 Oct

Osteoporosis is a growing problem worldwide. As we approach World Osteoporosis Day on Oct. 20th, it is important to understand…

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10 tips to stop screen-based headaches

14 Oct

Headaches are tricky beasts. In my years as a neurologist, I’ve seen them rooted in everything from stress to medication…

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How seniors can maintain mental wellness during the pandemic

4 Oct

People of all ages are being affected by the global health crisis, but it is important to remember that the…

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3 skincare staples everyone needs

3 Oct

While spending more time at home, many celebrities are ditching makeup and opting for an all-natural glow, leaving many wondering…

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Could you give up screen time for your health?

30 Sep

The era of the television brought with it the TV dinner — a fast, convenient meal that, while nutritionally questionable,…

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