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As air travel increases, so do concerns about COVID-19 safety measures

23 Apr

With vaccination efforts in full force, airlines and airports are on their way to bouncing back from a year in…

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Tesla rideshare program launches for Phoenix to Tucson travel

15 Apr

Arizonans are often faced with a hurdle when traveling between Phoenix and Tucson because it’s too close to fly, but…

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Waymo helps PHX East Valley become hot spot for autonomous vehicles

23 Mar

When you think about a self-driving vehicle, what comes to mind? Artificial intelligence on four wheels? A mobile machine with…

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Arizona roads rank among the worst in the nation

15 Mar

The United States’ crumbling infrastructure is costing every driver hundreds of dollars each year. Our team at QuoteWizard analyzed new…

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Valley’s light rail getting another extension

14 Mar

A new light rail extension to connect South Phoenix communities to education, work and nightlife downtown is advancing forward with…

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What was one of the worst plane accidents in Arizona history?

11 Mar

Plane travel has changed the world, but accidents have happened since the early days of manmade flight. One of the…

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5 essentials to consider before selecting commercial vehicles

26 Feb

Purchasing a vehicle for personal use can have its hurdles. But, at the end of the day, you will be…

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Tips for driving safely around trucks

23 Feb

The inherent limitations of commercial vehicles, including large blind spots and long stopping distances, make them especially dangerous when it…

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5 things to check before purchasing used forklift trucks

18 Feb

Purchasing a used forklift truck is a good deal if you are tight on a budget yet need all the…

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Nikola and APS deal paves way for zero-emission route from Phoenix to L.A.

10 Feb

Hydrogen-powered big-rig company Nikola and Arizona Public Service (APS) have received the go ahead from state utility regulators for an…

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