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How elimination of 1031 exchange tax breaks could impact real estate investors

10 Sep

Real estate is one of Arizona’s most powerful economic drivers in Arizona. However, certain real estate investors could see a…

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Raamp REIT launched by Arizona’s largest subsidized rental provider

13 Mar

Much in the spirit of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Real Estate Development Executive Michael Johnson utilizes government subsidies to expand his empire while…

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Look to Brooklyn for big real estate hotel gains

21 Feb

New York Real estate seems to be rising at a fast rate and Brooklyn is taking a huge chunk of…

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Neighborhood Ventures offers crowdfunding investment opportunity in Midtown Phoenix

16 Feb

Arizona residents looking to get in on the booming real estate market in Phoenix can invest as little as $1,000…

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Here’s why Arizona remains an attractive market for investors

5 Feb

Development doesn’t happen without funding. New projects are built with investment capital, and that capital has been flowing freely into…

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Metro Phoenix Bank finances Hyatt Place project in Flagstaff

24 Jan

Metro Phoenix Bank announced an eight-figure credit facility to Krista R Corporation, further reinforcing MPB as a seasoned commercial real…

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Best cities for foreclosure investing in 2020

2 Jan

Foreclosure investing will remain hot in 2020, with plenty of opportunities scattered throughout the United States. Even with foreclosure activity…

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Investing in Arizona real estate: The most expensive cities

31 Dec, 2019

Real estate is one industry that many people want to start investing in. A large portfolio of homes to rent…

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Your complete guide to investing in REITs

27 Dec, 2019

Equity REITS, Mortgage REITS (mREITS), Public non-listed REITs (PNLRs), and Private REITs are four of the major types of REITs…

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Guide to buying real estate overseas

23 Dec, 2019

Purchasing real estate overseas offers many great benefits. This includes the opportunity to earn extra income abroad, achieve investment diversity,…

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