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Can we terraform Mars?

27 Jul

Terraforming is a science fiction staple, from “Dune” to “Star Wars” to hundreds of other stories. Take an inhospitable planet…

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ASU-led LunaH-Map spacecraft delivered to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

23 Jul

The ASU-led team that built NASA’s Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, or “LunaH-Map” for short, has safely delivered their spacecraft to NASA’s…

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Firefly owner Max Polyakov shares thoughts on space debris issue

11 Jun

As space junk proliferates in LEO, space exploration is at risk. Space companies all around the world are working on…

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Why the East Valley is No. 1 for aerospace manufacturing

25 Apr

To say the PHX East Valley is the proverbial “mothership” of aviation, defense and aerospace is an understatement. Collectively, the…

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Here’s why the 80-year relationship between Luke AFB and the West Valley is special

29 Mar

His educational credentials and military assignments are as extensive as they are diverse. Luke Air Force Base Brig. Gen. Gregory…

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Here’s how Luke Air Force Base pumps $2.4B into local economy

19 Mar

Many people living in the West Valley have their ears well-attuned to the rumblings of F-16s and F-35s. Sometimes, you…

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Here’s how Arizona leads the way in aerospace and defense

16 Mar

Among the many industries in the diverse and thriving technology ecosystem of Arizona, aerospace and defense is the most tenured,…

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Valley’s AvAir celebrates 1-year anniversary of Dublin facility

8 Mar

AvAir, an industry-leading inventory solutions provider for the aviation aftermarket, celebrates one year since the opening of the 25,000-square-foot warehouse…

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AvAir acquires Sabena technics surplus inventory

16 Feb

AvAir, an industry-leading inventory solutions provider for the aviation aftermarket, has entered an agreement with Sabena technics to acquire the…

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Summit will teach how to do business with Valley airports

21 Jan

Companies wanting to do business with the City of Phoenix Aviation Department and Valley airports are invited to attend the…

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