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Making (business) sense of data privacy laws

23 Jan

More than two dozen states are considering data privacy laws that, if adopted, would create a costly and confusing “regulatory…

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Wearable technology drives Phoenix to be leader in innovation

22 Jan

Have you ever considered the possibility that wearable technology could vastly improve your life? The innovators at the WearTech Applied…

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SEO trends that matter most in 2020

21 Jan

The SEO landscape is set to change and adapt in 2020. You could have the best digital marketing campaign in…

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Bringing rural Arizona up to (high) speed

20 Jan

Tens of thousands of residents and businesses in rural Arizona will see expanded access to reliable high-speed internet service over…

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Rodney Don Holder: Here’s why open source AI is important for development

20 Jan

As advancements in artificial intelligence technology rise across the world, business leaders are embracing the open-source culture. There are many…

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Here’s how contactless tech can help your business

17 Jan

Contactless technology is not new. But for many decades now, using magstripe has dominated the industry. In recent years, however,…

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6 security measures that protect your business

15 Jan

Most companies have experienced at least one instance of check theft, in which a bad actor washed a legitimate check…

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6 SEO trends to watch in 2020

14 Jan

In today’s world, maintaining a market share is more difficult than ever before. In just about every industry you can…

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Study: Arizona’s regulatory environment helps autonomous tech sector grow

13 Jan

The Arizona Chamber Foundation released a new policy brief Monday that indicates the new decade is likely to see substantial…

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CONVERGE Tech Summit debuts at Waste Management Phoenix Open

9 Jan

invisionAZ will present the 2020 CONVERGE Tech Summit at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Wednesday, January 29th. The CONVERGE…

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