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640-acre data center site launches in Pinal County

24 hours ago

Saint Holdings, LLC (Saint) announced today it has launched a new, first-in-class 640-acre shovel-ready data center site with solar capabilities adjacent to…

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5G is here. What does it mean for you?


By now, you’ve probably heard about the coming launch of 5G. Rolling into the marketplace for the first time this year,…

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10 tips for creating a successful mobile friendly website

17 Jun

With so much web traffic coming from mobile phones, building a mobile-friendly website that mobile phone users find easy to…

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Tucson tech sector reveals a hub of innovation in Southern Arizona

17 Jun

Tucson is rapidly becoming a hotbed for innovation in Arizona, witnessing the origins of avant-garde startups and businesses trying to…

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6 reasons why IT is cool again

17 Jun

For proof of just how cool IT is these days, all you need to do is take a look around…

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Are Microsoft MCSE and MCSD exam preparation labs worth doing?

15 Jun

Microsoft plays a huge role in simplifying our business operations and other responsibilities. In order to ensure quality services and…

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5 reasons playing mobile games at work is actually a good thing

7 Jun

It’s 3 p.m. and you’ve hit a roadblock at work. The vigor with which you’ve crossed things off your to-do…

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Ranking Arizona: Top 10 software companies for 2019

5 Jun

Here are the Top 10 software companies in Arizona, based on public voting for the 2019 edition of Ranking Arizona,…

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5 reasons to consider a career in robotics

31 May

Over the last several decades, humanity has witnessed a dramatic shift in our relationship with machines. The field of robotics…

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The 12 most unconventional business networking platforms

30 May

Business networking at events is so old school. Nowadays, if you want to really make an impact with someone professionally,…

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