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Arizona No. 5 best state for hiring looking ahead to 2023

10 hours ago

A new study found Arizona is the No. 5 best state for hiring looking ahead to 2023. The inability to hire remains…

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Ducey allocates $14M to expand career training programs

2 Dec

Governor Doug Ducey today announced an investment of nearly $14 million to support career training and development programs for Arizona…

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Arizona No. 5 best state for hiring as crisis worsens

15 Nov

A new study found Arizona is the No. 5 best state for hiring as the unprecedented hiring crisis worsens. CareerCloud today released a study…

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Arizona ranks as No. 5 best state to hire workers

15 Nov

A new study found Arizona is the No. 5 best state to hire workers. There are an unprecedented .5 unemployed workers for every one of…

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100 of the most surprising remote and hybrid jobs of 2022

10 Nov

Until recently, there were many preconceived notions of what types of jobs could be performed remotely. But since 2020, employers…

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Arizona monthly job gains fall below average

7 Nov

Arizona monthly job gains fell below average in September. Arizona added 3,700 seasonally-adjusted jobs over the month in September, up…

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Share of remote job postings declines as labor market softens

6 Oct

As labor market momentum has slowed, hiring for remote functions is the first segment showing a notable reversal, as the…

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Do tattoos affect your likeliness of getting a job?

4 Oct

Are tattoos becoming more openly accepted in workplaces? And do tattoos affect your likeliness to get a job? Those questions…

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Paramount Global Surfaces will open distribution warehouse in Goodyear

29 Sep

Paramount Global Surfaces (PGS), Happy Floors, and Stone Source announced today the launch of a new west coast warehouse in…

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Moving laborers now earn an average of $110 per hour, study shows

16 Sep

With nearly half of Americans now turning to side-hustles to make ends meet, I thought you would be interested in a new study…

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