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‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ is bafflingly bipolar

17 Oct

Maleficent may have been Disney’s final act of good before completing their turn to the dark side. Sure, they can…

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‘Lucy in the Sky’ is a haphazard collision of squandered talents

11 Oct

Film and television are very different mediums. The age of binge streaming has diluted their differences, to an extent—some showrunners…

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Review: ‘Joker’ commits to its vision with panache

3 Oct

The protagonist of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver was almost a villain. Travis Bickle, a working-class man who’s sick of the…

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‘Ad Astra’ crashes under its compulsion to over-explain

18 Sep

Studios have a hard time marketing James Gray movies. His style errs toward methodical, downbeat, and ruminative—not exactly the kind…

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‘Hustlers’ is unique and unapologetically female

13 Sep

Strippers are extraordinarily talented people. Pole dancing is a fine art and a difficult sport, dealing with strip club clientele…

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‘The Goldfinch’ is a mishmash of bad decisions

13 Sep

You’re a serious person, sitting down to see a serious movie. A movie based on a novel—a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel,…

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‘It Chapter Two’ cast exceeds quality of the script

6 Sep

A number of book adaptations have been needlessly split into two movies—the final entries of Harry Potter and The Hunger…

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‘Aquarela’ is a remarkable feat of pure cinema

30 Aug

Of all the movies coming out this weekend, the documentary about water probably isn’t high on your priority list.  But…

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‘Peanut Butter Falcon’ needs a little less saccharine

23 Aug

Representation is a double-edged sword in the entertainment industry, in that it’s deeply necessary but so often handled poorly. Let’s…

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‘Ready or Not’ is a cracking good time

21 Aug

The summer movie season should be wrapping up, but since humanity is preparing to endure an endless summer, we’re still…

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