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Review: ‘The Last Vermeer’ comes across as an expensive facsimile

20 Nov

Reviewing movies during an ever-worsening pandemic can feel a bit hazardous. That partly comes down to a weird awards show…

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Review: ‘The Climb’ is a bromance to celebrate

13 Nov

Eavesdrop on 10 film school dorm rooms and you’ll overhear eight guys saying “dude, we should write and direct a…

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Review: ‘Come Play’ doesn’t know what it’s doing

30 Oct

Come Play has a lot in common with the 2016 horror movie Lights Out. Both were based on short, proof-of-concept…

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Review: ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ outdoes the original

21 Oct

Disclaimer: I had surgery right before the brief window in which critics could screen this movie, so I both watched…

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Review: ‘Totally Under Control’ isn’t any old documentary

13 Oct

Have you heard there’s a pandemic going on? Yes, it may come as a shock, but hear me out: while…

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Review: ‘Time’ is a film of human trial and human toll

9 Oct

In 1997, two Black parents named Sibil and Robert Richardson attempted a bank robbery. It didn’t go their way. Sibil…

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Review: ‘Possessor’ has no shortage of mesmerizingly vile imagery

7 Oct

The Cronenberg name has a different kind of cultural currency these days. Once immediately evocative of stomach-churning classics like Crash…

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Review: ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’ among best films of the year

2 Oct

You have to stare death in the eyes. Even if you have the privilege to avert your gaze until your…

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Review: Rashida Jones shines in ‘On the Rocks’

30 Sep

Sofia Coppola’s On the Rocks may only be a follow-up to Lost in Translation in spirit, but the connection between…

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Review: Sorkin returns with ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’

25 Sep

Aaron Sorkin’s back at it again with the white politics! The writer has a reputation for the self-righteous, neoliberal speechifying…

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