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Review: Shock and trauma are visual shorthand in ‘Blonde’


Blonde is torture. Not for the viewer, necessarily—though your mileage may vary—but for Marilyn Monroe, whose life the film distills…

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Review: As a sendup, ‘See How They Run’ is anemic

16 Sep

See How They Run, a murder mystery set in 1950s London, is a little too self-assured. Its opening monologue complains…

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Review: Twists in ‘Barbarian’ are entertaining and unforeseen

9 Sep

Barbarian understands that the central thrill of horror is not wanting someone to go in there. Those alarm bells go…

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Review: The flaws in ‘Pinocchio’ extend beyond the long nose

9 Sep

Over the summer, a slew of visual effects artists came forward with claims that Disney and its subsidiaries have been…

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Review: Can we get an amen for ‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’

4 Sep

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. may sound like a faith-based film, but don’t worry—it’s not here to preach! It’s…

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Review: ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ moves like a dream

29 Aug

George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing is unlike anything he’s done before, which is in and of itself a…

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Review: ‘Bullet Train’ is a monument to dumb ethnocentrism

5 Aug

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that Bullet Train, a Japan-set adaptation of a Japanese novel, has a shortage of Japanese characters.…

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Review: ‘Resurrection’ is a very well-acted intellectual exercise

29 Jul

Resurrection finds Rebecca Hall at her most psychologically fraught, which is to say that a knockout performance is guaranteed. In…

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Review: ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is MCU’s most enjoyable movie in years

8 Jul

In many ways, Thor: Love and Thunder is the MCU’s most simply enjoyable movie in years. It’s (relatively) self-contained, light…

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Review: There is fun to be had in ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List’

1 Jul

Love is a fickle thing—unless love is happening in 19th-century England, in which case it’s entirely predictable and nearly always…

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