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Review: ‘Relic’ doesn’t stop getting better until the credits roll


A recent study from the University of Chicago suggested that fans of horror movies are better equipped to deal with…

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Review: ‘Irresistible’ utterly fails as a satire

25 Jun

The world’s most powerful government crippled by a virus. Police tear-gassing non-violent protesters but tolerating right-wing militias. The Arctic reaching…

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Review: ‘7500’ is a perfect candidate for home movie night

18 Jun

The question on everyone’s mind has finally been answered: where has Joseph Gordon-Levitt been all these years? He starred in…

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Review: ‘Da 5 Bloods’ is some of Spike Lee’s best work yet

13 Jun

When Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing came out in 1989, there was much discussion around what “the right thing”…

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Review: ‘Shirley’ is an exceptional film

5 Jun

Shirley is a semi-fictional film about Shirley Jackson, the acclaimed horror author behind The Haunting of Hill House. It’s based…

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Review: ‘The High Note’ offers a much-needed break

28 May

Feel-good movies get a bad rap. They might not be the most edifying movies in the world, but the world…

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‘Spaceship Earth’ documents story of Arizona’s Biosphere 2

12 May

If you’ve been to Oracle, Arizona, you’ve probably visited the Biosphere 2 research facility (is there any other reason to…

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Review: ‘Selah and the Spades’ is a twist on the high school genre

15 Apr

Despite being one of the few things left to do, watching movies during the coronavirus lockdown is a strange experience.…

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Review: ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ lingers in the mind

2 Apr

Never Rarely Sometimes Always If there’s any proof that some karmic force is out there keeping the universe balanced, it’s…

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Review: ‘First Cow’ is a film of exceptional craft

13 Mar

Nothing’s more fun than interpreting symbolism in movies! (No, that’s not sarcasm; this is a review of an indie drama…

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