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How are recreational marijuana sales doing after six months?

2 hours ago

In January 2021, recreational marijuana became legal in Arizona thanks to the passage of Prop 207 in November 2020. In…

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Minimum wage workers can’t afford a two-bedroom rental anywhere, report says

30 Jul

Full-time minimum wage workers can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment in any state, according to a recent report from affordable housing…

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Here’s how the West Valley is attracting and retaining young talent

22 Jul

In 1960, the ribbon was cut on the Sun City retirement community in the West Valley. The project received considerable…

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Business leaders’ optimism, growth expectations soar past pre-pandemic levels

20 Jul

As much of the country reopens nearly a year and a half since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in…

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What to expect from Arizona economic recovery after COVID-19

15 Jul

COVID-19’s viral spread beginning in early 2020 set back every economy on the face of the planet. Its downward effect…

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The love-hate relationship between the Fed and inflation

7 Jul

Inflation has been absent from the economic scene for decades. Now, there is a growing concern that inflation will increase…

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Here’s the economic impact of the Greater Maricopa Foreign-Trade Zone

19 Jun

Greater Maricopa Foreign-Trade Zone No. 277, managed and created by the Greater Maricopa Foreign-Trade Zone Inc (GMFTZ), just completed its…

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Arizona ranks No. 5 for pandemic recovery

16 Jun

As the U.S. continues to make progress with the vaccination rollout, the attention is now turning to how quickly we…

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Phoenix is fastest-growing city in U.S. for 5th year in a row

8 Jun

Say “hi” to 25,194 new neighbors. They pushed Phoenix way out in front making this the fifth year in a…

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Arizona No. 1 in U.S. for biggest personal income increase

8 Jun

Arizona and Montana had the largest increase in state personal income for 2020 at 8.4 percent, according to data from Bureau…

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