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U.S. Department of Commerce reaches new deal on Mexican tomato imports


Mexican tomato growers and exporters reached a deal with the U.S. Department of Commerce on a new tomato suspension agreement.…

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Calling all startups: Come to Phoenix

17 Aug

COMMERCIALCafé ranked Phoenix as the eighth-best city for start-ups in the U.S. for populations above one million. Phoenix was recognized…

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105 Arizona companies make Inc. 5000 list

16 Aug

Arizona is home to many innovative companies that are driving the state’s economy. A total of 105 Arizona companies made…

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HMK Holdings will bring HQ, 2,000 jobs to Arizona

14 Aug

HMK Holdings LP has officially moved its headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona. The move, which was voted by board majority, is poised to…

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U.S. Commerce Department sets preliminary 25 percent margin on Mexican tomatoes

14 Aug

Tomato imports to the United States from Mexico have caused more controversy this year than you would expect for a…

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The impact of the Fed’s 1st interest rate cut in more than a decade

14 Aug

Late last month, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time since 2008, when the country was beginning…

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West Valley transforms into hot spot for tech companies

13 Aug

Movies such as “My Fair Lady,” “Grease,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and “Clueless,” all share the common theme of misunderstood…

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Mexico replaces China as top trading partner with U.S.

12 Aug

As the United States and China continue to increase tariffs on one another, China has been dethroned by Mexico as…

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Here’s how latest trade volley with China threatens Arizona economy

9 Aug

In another heavy blow to U.S. farmers and the Arizona economy, China is telling its state-owned businesses to stop buying…

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Here’s why Canada means big business for Arizona

7 Aug

Last year, Maricopa County saw the largest population increase of any county in the United States, adding another 81,244 residents…

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