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Will Arizona see a recession? Here’s what experts say


Arizona State University economist Dennis Hoffman is fascinated by weather. In a different life, he’s an oceanographer, focused on running…

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How Arizona’s semiconductor industry benefits from policy, partnerships


Over the last few years, two major companies — Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) — have announced approximately…

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4 Metro Phoenix cities among 20 best places for Hispanics in the U.S.

16 Sep

Hispanics and Latinos have played a major role in the country’s population growth over the last decade. In fact, Hispanics…

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Here’s how Arizona economy is sailing into uncertain waters

9 Sep

As cross currents buffet the Arizona economy, it looks different depending on the lens used to view it. The labor…

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Living with inflation: Expert offers strategy during economic uncertainty

8 Sep

Living with high inflation and a tumultuous economy requires a change of mindset, says Richard P. Rosen, associate professor of…

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Are we in a recession? Here’s why it’s complicated

23 Aug

As the U.S. economy slows, the question naturally arises: are we in a recession? The answer is more complicated than…

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AZ BIG Podcast: Todd Sanders talks the robust Metro Phoenix economy

10 Aug

The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 46’s guest is Todd…

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Here’s how manufacturing in Pinal County is gaining momentum

5 Aug

Pinal County, Arizona’s third largest by population, has experienced a manufacturing renaissance in recent years. Located between the state’s two…

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What can douse fiery inflation?

28 Jul

On June 10, 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing that inflation hit 8.6% in May,…

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Metro Phoenix 12.3% inflation among highest in nation

17 Jul

Metro Phoenix posted one of the nation’s highest inflation rates over the past year at 12.3%, compared to a national…

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