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Arizona judge’s ruling sends shockwaves through mining industry

21 hours ago

In a ruling that sent shockwaves through the nation’s mining industry, a federal judge in Arizona has vacated the permit…

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Here are the Arizona attorneys who were named Best Lawyers

20 Aug

Here are some of the Arizona attorneys — as reported to AZ Big Media — who were selected by their…

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5 types of negligence relevant to a personal injury claim

10 Aug

You’ve heard of negligence being a factor in personal injury claims, but what is negligence?  The Cornell Law School dictionary…

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Product liability law: Can you sue because of a defective product?

31 Jul

In 2007, Samsung released the Note 7 device. Unfortunately, that device was plagued with serious problems which caused explosions and…

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Arizona passes new LLC Act

22 Jul

After 25 years, the state’s Limited Liability Company Act is being revamped to include more innovative provisions. The Act, which…

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What you should know about jury duty

16 Jul

Sixty-seven percent of U.S. adults said jury duty is part of what it means to be a good citizen, according…

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10 ways AI could disrupt every facet of the legal industry

15 Jul

The adoption of technology by law firms has always been more evolutionary than revolutionary, according to Todd Baxter, member at…

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6 types of evidence you’ll need to win a sexual harassment suit

12 Jul

If a person has been a victim of sexual harassment at work, they may be entitled to compensation. However, to…

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Business lawsuits: What to know to avoid getting sued

8 Jul

In a survey conducted in 2010 by the US Chamber of Commerce, small businesses paid approximately $105.4 billion in lawsuits.…

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Ranking Arizona: Top 10 law firms by specialty

2 Jul

Here are the Top 10 law firms — based on practice groups — in Arizona, based on public voting for…

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