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Jones, Skelton & Hochuli opens offices in New Mexico, Utah

3 May

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, PLC announced the opening of a new office in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a virtual office…

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5 benefits of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer

3 May

If you’re one of the 8.6 million registered motorcyclists driving the highways of America each year, you probably hope you’ll…

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Here are the questions to ask a trademark attorney

27 Apr

A trademark is a particular form of intellectual property, distinct from copyrights and patents. It refers to any sign that…

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6 ways to maximize your personal injury claim

26 Apr

Unintentional injuries account for about 39.5 million visits to a physician’s office each year. About 24.5 million of these incidents…

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Here are the finalists for Arizona Corporate Counsel Awards

17 Apr

Effective corporate counsel has never been more important than it is today as technology and a global pandemic change the…

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Why you need law assignment help

16 Apr

Let us not forget that the profession of a lawyer is more of disputes than of peace. In this profession,…

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Can employers mandate the COVID-19 vaccine?

13 Apr

Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is well under way. We all hope this is a means to an end of…

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COVID-19 vaccine tips for parents with shared child custody

10 Apr

Most people with co-parenting plans have proactively planned out every plausible scenario associated with their child’s wellbeing, but the global…

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Here’s how bill protects businesses from COVID-19-related lawsuits

31 Mar

Since March of 2020, over 2,000 coronavirus-related liability cases have been filed across the nation. Businesses are being wrongly penalized…

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What to know before selling a structured settlement

29 Mar

By deciding to give up annuity payments from your structured settlement, you’re giving up your rights to all future payments.…

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