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Medical marijuana ruling fights stigma, protects Arizona users

14 hours ago

The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled to legalize cannabis extracts and concentrates under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, expanding patients’…

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What Arizona employers need to know about immigration verification

21 Jun

Immigration remains a constant issue throughout the United States, and is no less a focal point in border states like…

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1st 3 patents issued to clients of UA Law’s IP Clinic

4 Jun

The Intellectual Property (IP) Clinic at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law has secured its first three client patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). An additional 10…

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Employment law tips for lawful tipping in Arizona

3 Jun

Tips understandably consume little thought for the average diner after departing a restaurant but should be a matter carefully considered…

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Why are truck accidents more complicated than car accidents?

28 May

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know even the most seemingly cut-and-dry cases can get complicated, fast.…

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Why employers should use caution with medical marijuana workplace testing

22 May

Arizona employers who utilize workplace drug testing policies need to be aware of a recent case in which a federal…

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Companies should take care in creating a bereavement leave policy

21 May

In the past few months, updating or creating employee handbooks for various sized businesses has been a weekly, if not…

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10 unacceptable office behaviors you used to get away with

16 May

Some of us can still remember when the three-martini lunch was an accepted part of a company’s work culture. Now,…

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Ranking Arizona: Top 10 law firms for 2019

9 May

Here are the Top 10 law firms in Arizona, based on public voting for the 2019 edition of Ranking Arizona,…

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Law firms in the news: G&K, Polsinelli, JSH, Burch & Cracchiolo

1 May

Gallagher & Kennedy achieves top rankings The law firm of Gallagher & Kennedy announced that it has been ranked among…

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