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6 elements to consider when registering a trademark overseas


Thinking about registering a trademark abroad? Here’s what you need to know before embarking on the process. These tips and…

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Here’s why pandemic is increasing mediation and arbitration cases

16 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic wiped out our workouts. It disrupted our dinners. It squashed our social life. Now, it’s likely to…

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Porn scams rise during coronavirus: 3 ways to stay safe

15 Sep

A new report shows traffic to porn sites has skyrocketed during Coronavirus which has led to an increase in porn-related…

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5 tips for an amicable divorce

10 Sep

Divorce is rarely welcomed or viewed as a positive event. When a relationship comes to an end, it typically leads…

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3 reasons to consider working with an expert mesothelioma attorney

6 Sep

Have you or any of your loved ones gotten diagnosed with the silent killer mesothelioma? It’s often due to exposure…

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What can a criminal defense lawyer do for you?

27 Aug

Are you thinking about hiring a criminal defense lawyer? It’s tempting for most people to try to save money and…

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Here’s what you need to know about the new LLC laws

23 Aug

Heads up!  Whether you already own a limited liability company for real estate or other purposes or have plans to…

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More than 100 Arizona bar owners join lawsuit over COVID closures

20 Aug

A group of bar owners, bartenders, and their customers are hosting a  “Not Our Last Call” Rally at the Arizona State…

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Online shopping No. 1 coronavirus scam in Arizona as scammers break $100M milestone

17 Aug

A new study shows, as of this morning, coronavirus scammers broke the $105 million mark and the surge in online…

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Lawyers in business: A guide to starting your own law firm

14 Aug

Lawyers are licensed professionals who represent clients in civil, criminal, and other court proceedings. As a lawyer, you might feel…

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