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Small business bankruptcy relief expansion about to expire

2 hours ago

A new law that took effect last year to expand the number of small businesses eligible to restructure their debts…

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What to expect while driving now that marijuana is legal

22 Feb

Wide access to recreational marijuana is here in Arizona, posing new dangers to motorists on our roadways.  Arizona law prohibits…

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Legal challenges employers should expect in wake of COVID-19

16 Feb

When the clock struck midnight and calendars flipped to 2020, COVID-19 was hardly a blip on people’s radars. But by…

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How to address disability discrimination in the workplace

15 Feb

If you think you’re being discriminated against in your Arizona company because of disability, it’s vital to immediately take aggressive…

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What you need to do if involved in a boating accident

6 Feb

Do you love spending time out on the water? If so, you are definitely not alone in your love of…

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Should businesses have non-compete clauses?

1 Feb

From working at home, to layoffs, to total closures, 2020 has shaped the way businesses will operate moving forward. As…

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5 key types of personal injury cases

1 Feb

In the U.S., accidental injuries result in almost 40 million physician visits each year. Another 29 million unintentional injuries require…

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Bill provides protection against frivolous COVID-19 lawsuits

29 Jan

A bill that provides protection for businesses and others against frivolous COVID-19 lawsuits was introduced by Arizona Senator Vince Leach…

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Issues of getting a divorce overseas

28 Jan

The high mobility of American citizens traveling abroad for work or personal reasons is the cause of many international marriages…

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5 questions co-parents should ask as recreational marijuana hits Arizona

24 Jan

Important questions remain about how the passage of Prop. 207, Arizona’s recreational marijuana initiative, will impact existing co-parenting plans as…

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