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Hilo Tempe apartments’ plan to ban tenants under 21 raises legal concerns


The Hilo Tempe apartments, a planned development located on the corner of Mill Avenue and Seventh Street, has proposed to…

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How to have those awkward family conversations during the holidays

27 Nov

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”…

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Reasons you might need a lawyer this year

27 Nov

Now, there are a lot of reasons why you might need to think about hiring a lawyer in your life,…

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The probate process: How to deal with a deceased estate

26 Nov

As if the emotional roller coaster wasn’t enough, you’ve got more stress to handle. After your loved one passed, everyone…

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Tempe attempts to eliminate fatal car accidents by lowering speed limits

25 Nov

Zero is the number of fatal and critical injury car accidents that the City of Tempe is attempting to achieve.…

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House panel OKs pot decriminalization as poll shows support in Arizona

21 Nov

House committee gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a comprehensive marijuana reform bill that would decriminalize the drug while erasing pot…

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6 reasons Millennials need estate planning

20 Nov

Before heading off to Bangladesh, biking across Spain, hiking the Inca Trail, or any other adventure travel, Millennials should act…

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Things to know when creating a pet trust in Arizona

17 Nov

Estate planning can help you create a strategy for managing your assets, both during and after your lifetime. That includes…

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Here’s how to prepare for new overtime rules in 2020

16 Nov

A lot of white-collar workers in Arizona are going to make more money next year and they won’t even have…

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Why you need a specialist lawyer after a car accident

6 Nov

Every year, many people are involved in car accidents that were not their fault. The accident could have been the…

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