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Average new-vehicle sale price tops $45,000 for 1st time

20 Oct

The average new-vehicle sale price hit another all-time high in September 2021, marking the sixth straight record-setting month and surpassing $45,000 for…

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Here are America’s Top 10 most stolen vehicles

14 Oct

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) today released its annual Hot Wheels report identifying the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the United States in 2020.…

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How to prepare your RV for storage

24 Sep

Let’s face it – owning a recreational vehicle, RV is pretty amazing and liberating. However, once the camping season draws…

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10 most popular cars in Arizona and why

22 Sep

Living in Arizona means that you’ll need to be well accustomed to desert-like conditions. It also means that you’ll need…

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Used car buying checklist

17 Sep

Buying a used car can offer the thrill of the deal. If you are purchasing a used car, it’s important…

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Here are the 20 vehicles consistently selling over sticker price

8 Sep

Heading into the historically-hot-car-shopping Labor Day Weekend, buyers may be surprised to find themselves paying over sticker price for some…

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The future of car buying: The next normal

3 Sep

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our liveas in many ways. Masking up, getting vaccinated, social distancing, sanitization, quarantine, remote work…

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What are the most common causes of a car accident?

3 Sep

While owning a car for the first time or even the umpteenth time, getting involved in a reckless car accident…

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Why is a good used pickup truck so hard to buy?

2 Sep

The importance of the pickup truck is paramount in the distant lands of America. The humble pickup truck has been…

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Has the pandemic caused used car values to plummet?

1 Sep

The last couple of years has been like a rollercoaster for the auto industry. From factory shutdowns to skyrocketing demand,…

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