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Insuring cars that aren’t used regularly

9 Jul

Auto insurance should be your first consideration when looking to buy a vehicle. There are many factors that companies use…

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Courtesy Chevrolet brings Polestar electric vehicles to the Valley

27 Jun

Polestar, an electric vehicle brand from Sweden, just awarded the Courtesy Automotive Group the only Polestar franchise in Arizona.  Courtesy’s new Polestar showroom…

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New-vehicle prices jump more than $2,000 from last year

22 Jun

The estimated average transaction price for a light vehicle in the United States was $41,263 in May 2021, according to the analysts at Kelley Blue…

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10 myths about buying used cars you shouldn’t believe

21 Jun

Buying cars always has its share of popular myths and beliefs. You may have heard from the grapevine that the…

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How to avoid an automotive breakdown during extreme heat

19 Jun

Arizona drivers run the risk of being stranded with an automotive breakdown in triple digits any time they put off…

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3 reasons to consider sharing your car

18 Jun

The ride-sharing business is only getting bigger. According to recent estimates, the industry is worth more than $75 billion. But all…

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Lucid Motors unveils the Lucid User Experience – or Lucid UX

26 May

Lucid Motors, which is setting new standards for sustainable mobility with its advanced luxury EVs, today revealed the Lucid User…

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Rental car crunch expected to drive business for local mechanics

12 May

If your summer plans include road trips, you could hit some roadblocks. Many travelers are struggling to find a rental…

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Motorcycle ownership 101: What to know before you buy

10 May

In the United States, about 126 million households own a motorcycle. If you’re thinking about joining these millions of people…

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How do I sell my car as junk?

26 Apr

Nothing can last forever, not even our relationship with our beloved friend on four wheels. No matter how much you…

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