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The most idyllic locations to retire overseas

21 Jun

More than 400,000 Americans spend their silver years retire overseas in other countries. While the US is great, you can…

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Research shows most affordable areas to live in London

16 Jun

As you may already know that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you are…

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40 useful tips and tricks for traveling by plane

12 Jun

Traveling by plane is a challenge for those who have not yet done so. If this is your case, this…

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Study: Holiday travel boosts mental health

31 May

A study by Travelzoo, a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, has found that a staggering 83%…

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5 reasons you’ll love luxury vacation rentals in Hawaii

22 May

To some, vacationing in Hawaii is a luxury in itself while to others, it is a go-to relaxation destination. Whatever…

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7 amazing dream trips you should take in 2019

14 May

You should take time off from work and start traveling more this year. Keep reading for seven amazing dream trips…

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Best cities to visit on your school break in 2019

7 May

Every student needs a break from all the hard studying and some fun in his or her life. In case…

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14 travel options that will spoil you superbly

27 Mar

With America having suffered a pretty harsh winter from coast to coast, would-be wanderers are rejoicing as the weather warms…

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The keys to visiting Turkey for vacation

18 Mar

Turkey is a famed travel destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visitors to Turkey go there to experience…

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How to plan a destination wedding

14 Mar

The best thing about choosing a destination wedding is that you can have it anywhere. You can go to Bermuda,…

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