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What to do if you have been injured on a road trip

2 Dec

Driving in the United States is a dream. It’s no wonder that so many of us will take the time…

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8 things to do before leaving home for the holidays

27 Nov

Each year, millions of Americans pack up and head out on vacation or to visit family during the holiday season…

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Thanksgiving travelers told to expect record-breaking numbers

24 Nov

Close to 3 million people are expected to jam U.S. airports as the Thanksgiving travel season officially kicks off. And…

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Features to look for when buying a campervan

22 Nov

Some families love to travel and take vacations whenever they have time. Having a campervan or a home on wheels…

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Traveling to Canada? Top favorites in Montreal

22 Nov

Traveling abroad for vacation or business is typically something to look forward to. Especially if the experience is utterly new…

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The benefits of renting a motorhome for your family vacation

20 Nov

You take a family vacation to relax and enjoy a few days of freedom. Likewise, you want the flexibility of…

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Top 5 travel tips for a thankful Thanksgiving

19 Nov

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holiday travel weekends at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Here are the top five…

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7 things to consider before buying vacation rental property

5 Nov

There’s a revolution in the world of rental lodgings. Hotels are losing out to the emerging short-term rental (STR) industry.…

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Tips to help make the most out of your Disneyland trip

4 Nov

The world-famous Disneyland in California is an absolute treat for all ages, and it should be on your itinerary if…

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Things to do before leaving your house for a while

2 Oct

If you’re going to be leaving your house for a while because of a trip, you need to prepare well.…

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