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Frontier Airlines fare sale offers 100% off

26 Sep

Ultra-low fare carrier Frontier Airlines has launched a blockbuster fall sale to get consumers 100% back to their travel goals.…

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Do airlines have to compensate you for delayed flights?

6 Sep

When you book a flight, airlines will often advertise the distance of the journey and the typical time it should…

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Here are 5 last-minute getaway options in San Diego

2 Sep

Labor Day weekend calls for those last-minute adventures, vacations and warm weather retreats. San Diego continues to serve as a premier coastal destination…

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Frontier Airlines announces 10 new routes from Phoenix Sky Harbor

30 Aug

Phoenix’s fourth largest carrier, Frontier Airlines, announced ten new routes that will begin in the winter season. Frontier President and…

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Purchase travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage

29 Aug

The pandemic has made it necessary to get a travel insurance plan to shelter the seasoned jet setters. Many insurance…

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Here are the 10 best vacation homes in the U.S.

3 Jun

Today, Vrbo revealed its first-ever list of the 10 best Vacation Homes of the Year to recognize ten best-in-class vacation…

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8 tips to help you travel this Memorial Day Weekend

27 May

This summer, the travel season rebounds as industry experts predict more Americans will travel this summer than at any time…

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6 best cities to visit at night

23 May

Night-time is a magical time when most of the world is asleep, and you finally get to do things on…

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How to increase the amount of fun you have while in Barcelona

17 May

Having fun during your trip to Barcelona is easy, especially when you know how to make the most of your…

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10 things to do in San Diego in 2022

29 Mar

San Diego’s natural beauty, recreational offerings and endless entertainment opportunities make it a perfect place for Arizonans to visit. A…

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