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Things to remember when planning your relocation during a pandemic

9 Jul

Relocating your house is one of the most mentally taxing, physically exhausting and financially draining activities that all of us…

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The Human Bean is expanding its presence in Arizona

2 Jul

The Human Bean, an Oregon-based franchise coffee restaurant company, is expanding its footprint in Arizona.  Local franchisee Brian Sherrill is…

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200,000 Arizonans may have missed stimulus checks that total $198 million

1 Jul

Cover Arizona and the Arizona Alliance For Community Health Center are launching a public information campaign to assist Arizonans who…

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Scottsdale bars close after allegedly disregarding safety protocols

30 Jun

Several Scottsdale bars and restaurants labeled “bad actors” by Gov. Doug Ducey have shut down temporarily, and they’re pushing back…

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A simple guide on how to tell who is at fault in a car accident

30 Jun

Are you trying to figure out how to tell who is at fault in a car accident? If yes, you…

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5 benefits of hiring a professional end-of-lease cleaning company

26 Jun

Cleaning has been a typical dispute between tenants and landlords. It is because the lease agreement directs tenants to return…

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The advantages of taking out payday loans online

26 Jun

Everywhere you can read warnings about taking out payday loans. They say that this loan type entraps borrowers into a…

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Here’s how to pick a reliable online editing service

25 Jun

The demand for editing services has been rising exponentially in recent times. People have started to spend more time on…

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How to buy the best ergonomic office computer chair in 2020

24 Jun

A computer chair with ergonomic design is an essential investment that you need to make to enhance your workspace productivity.…

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Here’s why customer service is worse than ever and so is consumers’ rage

21 Jun

Customer service is worse than ever and more people are enraged about it, according to a new Arizona State University…

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