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Tariffs on French cheese, wines, more will cost Arizona consumers

1 Jan

When France decided to tax America’s tech companies, the Trump administration decided to hit the French where it hurts –…

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Wisdom Natural Brands earns two taste awards for sugar replacement

31 Dec, 2019

New Better than Sugar! granular and powdered premium sugar replacement products have won two prestigious awards in the recent World…

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How to celebrate this holiday season without overspending

19 Dec, 2019

It’s no secret that the holidays can be stressful. You have a long list of gifts for your family, friends,…

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Study: Arizona No. 2 most affordable state in U.S.

8 Dec, 2019

A new study found that Arizona is the No. 2 most affordable state in the U.S. with expenses taking up…

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E-commerce trends to look for in 2020

4 Dec, 2019

By the end of 2019, the total value of e-commerce sales is expected to exceed $3.4 trillion. As online businesses grow,…

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What exactly is a fish farm?

25 Nov, 2019

In simple words, a fish farm is a place where fish are raised for food. This part of agriculture is…

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Food insecurity is at a decade low in Arizona, report says

22 Nov, 2019

Food insecurity – not having regular access to affordable, nutritious food – is a national problem, but it has dropped…

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How to protect your hard-earned money from wire fraud

18 Nov, 2019

After going through all the steps to buy a home, putting in your down payment should feel like a light…

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Study: 30% plan to spend less this Black Friday

12 Nov, 2019

The market research team at Colling Media, a top-ranked national digital advertising and marketing agency, has conducted a nationwide consumer survey…

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Arizona ranks No. 9 most at-risk for package theft

4 Nov, 2019

Online shopping is projected to break records this holiday season. A new study shows nearly 40 percent of consumers have…

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