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Scottsdale-based Elevato acquires ParaCore

30 Apr

Scottsdale-based Elevato, a digital agency focused on “All Things Web”, announced the official acquisition of ParaCore, a pay-per-click agency located…

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How to get the most out of one PR pitch

14 Apr

Public relations is about so much more than just sending the occasional press release. A proactive PR pitching strategy is…

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Facebook audiences: More than the customer next door

17 Mar

Excuse us while we state the painfully obvious: there are a lot people on Facebook. How many? Approximately 2.9+ billion…

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6 ways to spot a fake influencer

1 Mar

The lure of making large amounts of money by posting pictures online has turned the job of being a full-time…

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Get the most out of your email marketing in 2022

23 Feb

When there are 320 billion emails being sent every day, it’s safe to say that email marketing campaigns are going…

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5 tips to up your social media videos

25 Jan

Remember way back to 2015 when we are all told to “pivot to video” for social media marketing? At the…

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Elevato acquires Scottsdale-based Markitors

11 Jan

Elevato, the digital agency that handles “All Things Web,” today announced that it has agreed to acquire Markitors, a leading…

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2022 marketing resolutions for capturing new business in a digital-first world

4 Dec, 2021

It has been a tumultuous couple of years, to say the least. Yet businesses across industries continue to innovate, identify…

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Influencer marketing: How AI and data are changing the game

16 Nov, 2021

Through platform changes, algorithm updates, the crackdown on fake followers — with every curveball, consistency has persisted for influencers. The…

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14 landing page best practices for B2B websites

19 Oct, 2021

What is one best practice when developing a landing page for a B2B website? To help you create a landing…

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