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What hair extensions are and why they are great

24 Jun

Many things embody womanhood and femininity. They include the curves, the dress, and the walk. Another distinction that has remained…

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Summer apparel essentials: Valley-based Sportiqe launches 2 new collections

22 Jun

Whether you prefer to roam at home or to get out and explore, the global apparel company Sportiqe just released…

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Things you need to know about wedding dresses

22 Jun

A wedding is a ceremony of unification. It promises a life where a husband and wife will be together for…

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ASU engineer invents cool clothing for hot climates

30 May

If you’ve ever spent a winter in Maine or Minnesota, you know you need special clothing — parkas, mittens, long…

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7 tips to avoid sweating summer dress code compliance

26 May

Dressing for the weather is no joke anywhere, but when it comes to summer heat, Arizonans have to take things…

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Pax Philomena — local clothing brand with ties to Mother Teresa — spreads joy

19 May

Color may be what catches your eye in a new garment, but quality fabric and fit are just as important…

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Expert fashion tips for men

3 Apr

If you want to make sure that you are dressing well and feeling good then these top tips will help…

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Top fashion styles and what suits you the best

18 Mar

You must wear something that makes you feel capable, powerful, confident and happy. Wearing fashion will make you feel happy…

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4 tips to care for men’s dress shirts

2 Mar

Polo shirts are a good staple item, but dress shirts should be a must-have article of clothing for every man…

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A guy’s guide to business casual

5 Feb

Ding! You have an email from your boss. She’s inviting you to a luncheon with some important department heads who…

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