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What to wear as a bartender


People usually dress in a way that makes them feel good and attractive; a bartender would want to do the…

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How to choose the correct work uniform for your staff

14 Jan

When it comes to picking out work uniforms for your employees, choosing the right one is not only great, but…

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  5 types of coats every city dweller needs

11 Jan

No matter where you live or your personal style philosophy, it’s tough to argue being cold is preferable to being…

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OXDX streetwear designer brings awareness to Native American issues

25 Nov, 2019

Jared Yazzie, a Diné artist and activist, is the founder of OXDX, a streetwear company that brings awareness to Native…

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Tempe-based Sportiqe becomes fashion favorite of influencers

25 Nov, 2019

Comfortable, quality and affordable aren’t words that can often mesh together seamlessly in clothing. But, when local men’s and women’s…

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5 ways to personalize your style to start 2020 the right way

19 Nov, 2019

Fashion is a personal thing for so many people, but with trends coming and going, it can be difficult to…

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Why polo shirts will never go out of fashion

7 Nov, 2019

Whether you want to wear it for horsing around, casual Fridays or gifts to your father, brother, husband or any…

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ASU student starts affordable eyelash extension business

1 Nov, 2019

Arizona State University student Arianna Ramos decided to start an eyelash extension business that is affordable for college students in…

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With a quality suit, you’re ready for any invitation

22 Oct, 2019

You usually turn down invitations to birthday parties or weddings if you have to be in a formal setting. Apart…

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Lifestyle changes to keep your hair looking great

21 Oct, 2019

Making changes to your lifestyle for healthy eating and other changes can be challenging, particularly as there are a number…

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