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Is social media a good small business communication tool?

12 Jan

Digital channels have completely changed the way businesses operate today. Branded websites, mobile apps, social media handles: All of these…

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How age and gender can impact social media usage

29 Nov, 2019

Social media has become a part of almost everyone’s daily routine, but how it’s used can differ based on age,…

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How multifamily communities utilize social media to attract tenants

28 Oct, 2019

It’s no wonder multi-family communities are using social media to get the attention of potential tenants since the world runs…

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5 tips to grow a business Facebook page that delivers results

10 Oct, 2019

As of 2019, Facebook had more than 2.4 billion users across the world. More than 60 million businesses also operate…

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Simple guide to social media competitive analysis

2 Oct, 2019

Being present on social media is not rocket science for brands, but being active and engaging can be a real…

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7 LinkedIn profile errors to fix before a recession

15 Sep, 2019

With all the talk about the recession lately, it’s important to be prepared.  There is news like this from an…

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What good can Pinterest do for your business?

16 Aug, 2019

Every business owner wants an easy, organic way to grow business. After all, what’s better than free advertising? Many rely…

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How social media is changing the face of business marketing

28 Jul, 2019

Anyone that has been in business for a number of decades will know just how difficult it could be to…

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Ranking Arizona: Top 10 social media marketing firms

8 Jul, 2019

Here are the Top 10 social media marketing firms in Arizona, based on public voting for the 2019 edition of…

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Selfie love causes surge in surgeries to recreate perfect filtered look

20 Jun, 2019

Friday is National Selfie Day and with the rise of social media usage, it should come as no surprise that…

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