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4 signs your social media needs a makeover

29 Nov

Let’s scan your branding checklist. Messaging? Check. Logo refresh? Check. Website? Check. Social media… not looking so good. Maintaining your…

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Here’s how TikTok helped two businesses survive the pandemic

29 Jul

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for small businesses that previously relied solely on in-person interactions. But thanks to…

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AZ BIG Podcast: Tonya MacBeth talks social media and divorce

30 Mar

The latest episode of the AZ Big Podcast with Michael & Amy has officially dropped. Episode 27’s guest is Tonya…

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Facebook audiences: More than the customer next door

17 Mar

Excuse us while we state the painfully obvious: there are a lot people on Facebook. How many? Approximately 2.9+ billion…

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How PR and social media work together

30 Nov, 2021

The way people stay informed about the world around them has changed dramatically over the last two decades — and…

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6 ways small businesses can stay relevant on social media in 2022

22 Nov, 2021

Economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic could very well continue to play out over decades. Change is a forerunner to…

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Here’s what customers expect from social media engagement

15 Nov, 2021

The increase in screen time and reliance on social media during the pandemic has led to customers asking to be…

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5 tips for successful social media outreach

8 Oct, 2021

When you are running a business, it is very important to make sure that you successfully reach out to customers,…

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A roadmap for growing your business with Instagram

2 Sep, 2021

Implementing a solid Instagram strategy can help your business reach specific audiences and grow its customer base.  With over 25…

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Here’s how much social media influencers are being paid

11 Aug, 2021

In a first of its kind survey designed to study real world compensation demands by social media influencers within Intellifluence, the…

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