Whether you’ve decided to leave your job or you were let go, losing your employment and your income is often a situation that’s filled with awkward moments and negative feelings. In this mixture of sour emotions, it can be challenging to sort out the difference between unfair treatment and sore feelings.

That said, if you’ve been the victim of a situation where your employer has treated you unfairly, you may need to take legal action. If any of the following circumstances appears to apply to you, then you should contact an employment lawyer right away.

Treated Unfairly

If your employer failed to give you an adequate reason for the termination of your employment, then you may have had an unjust or unfair dismissal. Any time your employer has ended your job, it is helpful to talk to an employment lawyer who can help you sort through the details and figure out if you’ve been treated unfairly.

Wrongful Termination

Unlike the case of unfair dismissal, a wrongful dismissal occurs when you have been terminated from your job without any notice whatsoever. If you talk to your employment lawyer and they agree that you have suffered wrongful termination, you may be entitled to seek compensation. If so, you’ll want to hire a reliable employment lawyer that can guide you through the process.

Lost Severance Pay or Benefits

If you were promised severance pay or other benefits in your contract, then your employer cannot deny these to you upon termination. An employment lawyer can inform you of your rights and help to ensure you understand what is stipulated by your contract. They can also help you to get a fair severance package, especially if your employer has backed out of what you are owed in an attempt to save money.

Toxic Workplace

If you had to leave your job due to a hostile work environment because it prevented you from getting your work done or being productive, you should talk to a workplace lawyer.

Get Advice

You may feel that you were treated unfairly by your employer but are unable to express the problem in legal terms. You can talk to an employment lawyer to find out the difference between wrongful termination, unfair dismissal, and constructive dismissal. You might also have a case that involves

• Discrimination

• Harassment

• Human Right Violation

• Breach of Contract

By having a relaxed conversation with an employment lawyer, you can determine whether any of these unethical treatments apply to your situation.

Anyone who has experienced the unamicable end to an otherwise lucrative employment opportunity understands how complicated a situation can be. If you’re currently stuck in this situation, you should get in touch with an expert at sorting out legal problems concerning employment.

You might even be entitled to a free consultation. Contact an employment law firm and start getting the support that you need today.