The thought of your kids moving away and flying the nest might make you feel sad, but deep down you know that day will come, and ultimately, it is what’s best for them. Usually the next step after high school is attending college, although this isn’t something everyone chooses to do.

Deciding to enter full-time work after high school instead of continuing with education is great and there are a lot of reasons to do this. Not having any debt or tuition fees, getting a head start on the career ladder, being able to save money from a young age, are great benefits.

However, there are a lot of plus sides to attending college too, and your kids could benefit from the experience. Here are five reasons why you should encourage your kids to pursue further education after high school.

1. Opportunity

Having a college degree can open doors to wider job prospects. Although work experience is the most desirable when applying for jobs, certain positions require their candidates to have at least an undergraduate degree before they apply. Some college courses have links to internships too, which helps students gain experience as well as complete their education, making them even more desirable as candidates.

2. Motivation

It can be hard to keep teenagers focused at school and get them to start considering their future. By encouraging them to go to college, it helps to keep them motivated when it comes to their studies. Colleges will want students to have certain grades to be accepted, like these UVM GPA requirements you can find on CampusReel. Knowing they need to achieve certain scores on their exams to get into the college of their choice should hopefully keep them focused on their studies.

3. Life Experience

Although the point of college is to achieve higher education, it is also a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable life experience. Living independently for the first time and having to cook and clean up after themselves is an essential thing your kids need to learn. You might have them chipping in around the house already, which is great, but knowing that there is no one to pick up after them will make them realize how much you do for them! They will also have to learn how to manage their finances for rent, bills and food. It’s also a chance for them to meet new people and make friends.

4. See New Places

If your kid decides to attend a college in a different state, this is a great chance for them to see another part of the country. They may have even chosen to go and study abroad! Either way, this is a good chance for them to have a different cultural experience and learn about different places.

5. Personal Growth

If your kid doesn’t go to college this doesn’t mean their experiences won’t help them grow as a person. Going to college could mean they are having a lot of new experiences all at once. Living away from home for the first time will make them realize what they’re capable of and what they still need to learn. It’s a chance for them to challenge themselves and take one more step closer to adulthood.

College isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it could be the perfect experience for your kids after high school.