Business is a dynamic field characterized by constant changes. To stay relevant, it’s important to keep up with advances in your industry by adjusting for new technology, accommodating fickle customers, and keeping up with market trends.

Whether your business is slow in December or January, this is a great time to start new habits that will help you be your best. Here are five ways to do it:

  1. Podcasts – Many podcasts feature business leaders sharing tips of the trade. They can be downloaded and listened to while you are driving, exercising or doing housework so they won’t interfere with your work schedule.
  2. Blogs – Regularly updated websites provide rich information and techniques on different topics. There are plenty of excellent business blogs that can help you advance your knowledge and attain greater success. LinkedIn is a great place to see what industry leaders are reading and find new blogs.
  3. Read more books – Reading is a good way of relieving stress, improving focus and communication, expanding your vocabulary, and building communication skills. It also opens the mind to new ideas that can be useful in making professional decisions. Read books about business as well as topics that interest you to broaden your perspective and improve your ability to handle complex situations.
  4. Conferences and workshops – There are many organizations that regularly sponsor conferences that are industry specific or generalized business. Before you sign up, review the agenda to make sure you will have opportunities to learn and network with people in your industry. For example, if you sell on Amazon, I recommend my friends at PROSPER Show.
  5. Take a class – Whether you are the boss or the employee, if you want to keep advancing in your career you must consistently learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Use your slow time of year to take an online class that is focused on a new skill that will help you move up the ladder, gain more customers or be more productive. Community colleges are a great and affordable place to start.

We’re all are busy, but there’s always time to improve if you are willing to dedicate the energy to become your best self.


Damon Burton is an entrepreneur, consultant and President of SEO National and UtahSites who writes extensively about leadership and career advancement.