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February 12, 2020

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6 tips on how to be a good keynote speaker

If you’re ever allowed to speak as a keynote speaker, then it can completely change the course of your career as a speaker. 

You can refer to this article before giving your first keynote speech or trying to enhance your skills. For instance, you might want to accommodate motivational aspects in your speech.

What is a keynote speaker?

The primary role of keynote speakers is to set the tone for the event. They are tasked to make people aware of the theme of the event. A keynote speaker could be either a celebrity or a person who’s well known in a particular field.

Your speeches should reflect your experiences and life choices as well as the knowledge you gather over the years. It’s crucial to keep people hooked to whatever you are saying. The cherry on top — this is a well-paid job.

An excellent example of a keynote speech that kept the audience spellbound can be Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.

Ways to Improve your skills as a keynote speaker

If you desire to deliver an excellent keynote speech, then there are specific pointers that you need to keep in mind. This includes enough sleep and sharing your material on online portals, such as Slideshare and YouTube.

• Know your audience

Let’s take it this way, you are addressing a group of businessmen, and you try to crack a scientific joke. Some people might fall under it, but the majority of them would be clueless. In the given case, your plan backfired, and now you have lost the engagement of the audience.

• Focus your attention on the subject

You can add a few inspiring words and incidents in your story, but it’s supposed to be more than a pep talk. For this, you must retain immense knowledge about the topic of discussion. 

Remain attentive so that you don’t deviate from the actual topic while delivering the speech. While at it, you can also include more relevant and recent research in that field to sound more authentic.

• Be more interactive

You need to add a few interactive segments, such as a Q&A session or feedback from the audience, in order to keep the audience engaged. 

• Do some trial runs 

If you want to nail your final presentation, then it’s crucial for you to practice. First, start by speaking in front of a mirror and time yourself. Later, try it out on friends and family or a small gathering. This can also assist you in dealing with your fear of addressing such a vast crowd.

• Share real-life incidents 

Generally, a person is chosen for this position due to their experience and expertise in the concerned area. Anyone can gather necessary information from the internet, but people are attending that seminar to know about personal stories. However, try not to get distracted and stay focused on the current topic.

• Be brief 

It’s advisable that you don’t get stuck on a single topic while ignoring other points. After completing a position, you should paraphrase it so that people can grasp the main and essence. Then, do the same with other aspects. In the end, conclude it in a way that people can see the bigger picture.