You’re in college, and the tuition fee is higher than ever. You’ll also need money for your daily allowances, for projects and activities that require money.

That’s why college students are looking for ways to make money, and doing so offers a lot of benefits. You’ll have money for needs, to pay bills and even entertainment. With these left and right expenses, most students (or their parents) engage with personal loans from licensed moneylenders.

So making your own money is a good skill to have. You’ll have an early start on experience in the workplace. You’ll have attractive credentials even right after graduation.

Although making money through your own efforts in college is hard work. Doing so will help you develop better time management skills and budgeting. These skills will help you learn to manage two valuable resources — time and money.

Here are some ways to earn in college

Get a work-study job in the university

When I was in college, I used to be a student assistant in the library. Being a student assistant is a job offered specifically to the students of the university who wants to earn extra money.

Because the job is made specifically for students, the schedule of the work is very flexible and accommodating to your schedule in school. They are very understanding of school-related activities, so you don’t need to worry so much about schedules. Their schedules adjust to your classes. And certain universities give out awards to those who we’re a consistent honor student while being in a work-study job in the university. Try to inquire about this in your university.

Be part of organizations

Most organizations that are of great benefit to the university usually offer their members scholarship. When I was part of the dance troupe, I was given an allowance. It was nice earning the money while having fun and doing the thing that I love. The athletes of the school usually get the same benefit.

If you like leading people, the student government organization might be perfect for you. In our university, the president of the organization gets to have a full scholarship while members get partial scholarship. See what you love to do, whether that’s dancing, singing, playing or leading. Then join your university’s organization.

Tutor students in elementary, high school or even in college

Most universities have tutorial programs. Try inquiring about it from your school or even from friends who have tried it. In our university, there was a tutorial center where college students can teach elementary and high school students subjects like English, Math , History and Science.

The tutorial program paid a lot of money because it was an actual business catering to kids needing help with academics. So if you know some of these topics well, especially if it’s your degree and mastery in college, then try applying to be a tutor in your school’s tutorial program.

Be an ESL teacher online

If you have a strong internet connection, a laptop, and a headset with microphone, ESL teaching might be for you. This type of job helps you have a flexible working schedule and work anywhere you want. You can be a freelance english teacher, or you can work part-time in an online company. Whether you’re a native or non-native speaker of the english language, there are many opportunities for you. Rates for ESL teaching can vary from $20 to $50 per class. Some even earn way more than that.

Be an academic writer online

College students have a lot of papers to write in college. There are essays, persuasive papers, philosophical papers, research papers and so much more. If you’re the type who particularly  enjoys writing these papers for hours on end, then being an academic writer online might be perfect for you. There are thousands of students around the world needing help with their assignments, and you might just be the one to help them. This job offers great money too. Global education technology companies like Livingston Research have their writers earn as much as $800 per month. You get to choose your projects, and you can work anytime you want.


Speaking of having control of your time, freelancing is the best candidate for you. If you have a skill to offer to the market…  like graphics designing, web designing, content writing and copywriting. Then, try freelancing out. There are 190 Million companies and they need people with skills to help them grow their company. Try connecting with them through Facebook, Linked In, and through emailing them. Be part of the freelance job boards in Facebook, and some freelancing platforms like Upwork. You never know, you might find it to be a desirable long term career.

Bottom line …

There are a lot of things you can do to earn money while in college. You can find them in your university, locality and online, and these jobs accommodate both your schedule and financial needs.