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November 6, 2022

Eric Kelly

All you need to know about childcare subsidy

The Federal Government funds many subsidies, which it created to assist Australian families in paying for child care. It supplanted the previous child care assistance program called the Child Care Rebate and went into effect on July 2, 2018.

If Families must meet certain conditions to be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy that they can only utilize for recognized or licensed child care providers. Additionally, it is income-tested, so the amount of CCS you get varies depending on how much your family makes.

What’s the Process for the Childcare Subsidy?

The government will pay your child care provider directly with the subsidy if it has been determined that you are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (see below for how to apply). Only the difference is due after subtracting this amount from your overall fees.

For instance, if your daily rates are $100 and you qualify for a 45% subsidy, the government would pay your provider $45 immediately, and you’ll be accountable for the remaining $55.

Making a Child Care Subsidy Application

You can apply for the CCS through your government authorized account.

Some of the basic steps for applying for a subsidy are

• Visiting the appropriate website, registering and setting up an account.

• Proving your identity in order to receive and claim payment.

• Choosing Payment and Claims from the menu is an option. 

• Make your selection under “Families” and then “get started.”

• To correctly respond to each question, follow the instructions. It will help if you prepare the salary details in advance. 

Assessment of child care subsidies

Centrelink will evaluate your claim and send you an assessment letter stating your entitlements. It’s critical to ensure the information you supply is as accurate as possible because the assessment will be based on it.

Your assessment will tell you your subsidy proportion and the amount of subsidised child care you can get for each child every two weeks. This is determined by how many hours you put in at your job (including paid and unpaid work), school, volunteering, etc. More details on approved activities are available here.

You must disclose your CRN and your child’s CRN to your child’s daycare after receiving this assessment letter. This is available in your myGov account and will be provided when you submit your application.

Your service provider will next link your Centrelink account and add information about your child’s enrollment. After this, Centrelink will send you a notification asking you to log in and approve the enrollment notice.

Subsidised Child Care and Immunization

Your child must comply with the immunization criteria to get the CCS.

They must either be current on their vaccinations per the National Immunization Program Program, be on an immunization catch-up schedule following the Australian Immunization Handbook, or possess a valid medical exemption.

If your child is immunized, there is nothing you need to do. Whenever you enrol, Medicare will automatically detect this.

You have 63 days to get the immunizations your child missed before you stop getting the subsidy.

Speak with your immunization provider in Australia about your children who received vaccinations abroad.


The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a massive help for many families. However, the scheme’s complexity can make traversing things difficult. We understand it! It’s not always easy to understand, even for those who work in the field. If you’re interested in learning more about CCS and what it means for your family, read this information, as mentioned earlier, thoroughly.