The Arizona Technology Council has applauded Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona Legislature on the state’s fiscal year 2022 budget package proposal. This budget invests dollars and directs policy that will support economic success and growth for many programs of immense importance to Arizona’s technology sector.

“Arizona is growing at an incredibly fast pace, especially in technology-related fields, and this budget will ensure Arizona maintains and accelerates its competitiveness on a global scale while making substantial payments towards the state’s debt and giving Arizonans a tax cut,” said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council’s president and CEO. “The Arizona Technology Council thanks Gov. Ducey and the Legislature for including the Council’s key education, infrastructure and tech-focused priorities in this proposal, and encourages members to support these provisions in the final budget package.”

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Key Council priorities funded in this budget package proposal are:

• Increased funding for universities, including $130 million in new higher-education investments

• Restoration of fourth-year Career Technical Education District (CTED) funding

• An additional $50 million appropriation for the Arizona Competes Fund

• $2.5 million for a Dark Skies Discovery Center

• $140 million dedicated funding for broadband infrastructure across the state, with an emphasis on rural Arizona

• Reduction in the Class 1 commercial property tax assessment ratio from 18% to 17% over two years

• Investment in Arizona’s highway infrastructure to support commerce

• K-12 education investments, including new school construction, a building renewal fund, full funding for district and charter assistance, and the provision of gap funding for schools and students to address school budget issues that arose during the pandemic

The Council’s priorities can be found in its most recent Public Policy Guide, published every year to inform the governor, the Legislature, Arizona’s congressional delegation and the Council’s more than 850-member companies along with the wider technology community of the organization’s advocacy activities, principles and positions. It also aims to help elected officials at all levels of government as they craft policies affecting Arizona’s economy and technology sector for years to come.

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