Alliance Bank of Arizona is continuing its seven-year relationship with Northern Arizona University by donating $50,000 this year to the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute (ABEPI), an establishment under Northern Arizona University that encourages Arizona tourism and economic development for tribal and rural communities.

Located within The W. A. Franke College of Business, the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute has been collecting primary data and performing quantitative research since its inception in 1999. The institute’s mission is to assist Arizona’s rural, tribal and northern business communities in their economic development endeavors by delivering training, information, technical assistance and business support services. The institute serves over 10,000 people annually through various initiatives such as hosting economic conferences to strengthen their efforts within the business community and providing lifelong learning through their Road Scholar program, the largest in the U.S.

Tribal Financial Literacy Program

Under the umbrella of the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute and promoted through the Center for American Indian Economic Development (CAIED), the Seven Generation Money Management (7G MM) initiative is a financial literacy education resource for Native American Youth. In 2017 alone, 750 youth representing the Colorado River Indian Tribes, Tonto Apache Nation, Navajo Nation, Yavapai-Prescott and more participated in the 7G MM workshops. Through the ABEPI, the CAIED also provides tribal consulting by offering small business training, education on taxes, creating business plans and more.

“This continued partnership helps us to move toward our goal of becoming the leading regional economic data collection and analysis group,” said Dr. Wade Rousse, interim director of the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute. “Support from Alliance Bank allows our team to concentrate on research and economic development that not only affects northern Arizona, but the entire state and region. It also allows the Institute to continue financial literacy efforts throughout tribal communities.”

Alliance Bank of Arizona began support for the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute in 2012 and has continued every year since with a donation of $50,000 per year for a total of $350,000 since forming the relationship. Alliance Bank is committed to strengthening the economic outlook of Northern Arizona by supporting the institute.

“Partnerships such as this are essential as Northern Arizona University strives to fulfill its mission of creating opportunities in Arizona and beyond,” said Rita Hartung Cheng, President of Northern Arizona University. “As we continue working on expanding access to education and enhancing the economy in the region, the university looks forward to continued collaboration with Alliance Bank of Arizona.”

“The research being done at the Alliance Bank Economic Policy Institute is critical not just for Northern Arizona, but for the state as a whole,” said Don H. Garner, chief executive officer of Alliance Bank of Arizona. “This research institute is looking at the economic impacts of wildfires hitting Arizona towns, assessing customer satisfaction in the Northern Arizona healthcare community, providing invaluable financial literacy resources to the Native American community and so much more.”

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