Today marks the launch of the 4th Super Service Challenge, which is hosted by Companies With A Mission (CWAM) and The Brees Dream Foundation. These two organizations will come together to award over $1,000,000 amongst hundreds of charities nationwide as part of the 2013 Super Service Challenge.

The Super Service Challenge is an initiative orchestrated by CWAM to expose people across the country to a greater purpose and heart of service in the workplace.  Whether it’s someone working in a corporate office suite, a stay-at-home parent, or even a full-time student, participation is open to all who want to serve with a group from their workplace.

In past two years, the focus of the Super Service Challenge has been concentrated in the city where the NFL’s Championship game was to be held.  This year, the Super Service Challenge will expand to a national effort, with the message and mission spreading across America.

“Phoenix, I’m challenging you to beat the other Big Game cities – Indianapolis, New York and New Orleans — in the 2013 Super Service Challenge,” says Brees, founder of The Brees Dream Foundation. “The purpose of the Super Service Challenge is to inspire a greater sense of community through volunteerism. All you have to do is serve a charity in Arizona and capture it on video. Are you up for the challenge Phoenix?”

Those interested in participating simply need to serve a non-profit (501c3) with a group of people and share the story about how they served. That story can be shared as a short video, PowerPoint presentation, or even a series of photographs.

Drew Brees, founder of The Brees Dream Foundation and quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, is returning for the second year as the official spokesperson for the Super Service Challenge. “I’m honored to be part of the Super Service Challenge and excited to change the lives for thousands across the country,” said Brees, “What strikes me the most about the Super Service Challenge is the simplicity and magnitude of the mission. Uniting co-workers, students and friends to benefit the community is one of the most rewarding aspects of the mission.”

A panel of independent and celebrity judges, along with input from the public, will select the winning entries. Once the judging is complete, winners will be awarded part of cash donations totaling over $1,000,000 to be given directly to the charities served by those winning teams. The winners will be announced in January of 2014, just before the big game.

“We have had the privilege to see firsthand the impact the Super Service Challenge has on lives across the United States,” said Mitch Davis, Executive Director of Companies With A Mission. “While the dollars awarded will have a huge impact on their charities, the relationships with these non-profits and the community spirit at work will be the greater and longer-lasting reward.”

For additional information on the 2013 Super Service Challenge and how to get involved, visit or follow the #cChange movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.