April is Arbor month and the beginning of warmer temperatures in the Phoenix area.

As we move into our hot summer months, are you wondering how you can stay cool and keep your air conditioning costs down?  The folks at Trees Matter, a Phoenix-based 501(c)(3) environmental education nonprofit, encourage you to think about planting trees. 

Aimee Esposito, Executive Director of Trees Matter, points to North Carolina State University’s Trees of Strength website that says “Trees can be a natural air conditioner.  The evaporation from a single tree can produce the same cooling effect of 10 room-size residential air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.”

According to the US Department of Energy, “planting trees can save the average household $100-$250 a year on utility bills. Three trees placed strategically around a home can reduce its energy consumption for cooling and heating by 25 percent and its summer air conditioning demands by as much as 50%.”  In Arizona where our highest utilities bills are often caused by running the air-conditioner, that is a substantial energy cost savings.  As an added bonus, trees reduce air pollution, conserve water and soil, and can even enhance property values! 

During the Month of April Trees Matter is offering the public several ways to celebrate trees and help grow its mission to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley:

• Arizona Gives Day: Schedule your donation online for Arizona Gives Day 2019 or donate on Tuesday April 2nd via www.azgives.org/treesmatteraz  where matching options make your dollars go even further. Donate $25 or more to Trees Matter and you will be eligible to win two 1-day Disneyland passes. 

• Disneyland tickets:  Donations of $25 or more made online at www.treesmatter.org/support through April 25 will be eligible to win two 1-day Disneyland passes.  The winner will be drawn on Arbor Day, April 26. 

• Change for Trees:  Visit any of our Change for Trees Retailers and drop some change in our donation box.  Learn more at www.treesmatter.org/Change4Trees

Trees Matter has three core programs: Utility Shade Tree Program, Urban Food Forest, and Trees for Schools. All Trees Matter donations received during the month of April will be used to support its Trees for Schools Program.  “We believe that all Phoenix area school children deserve shaded spaces”, says Amy.   “Studies have shown that trees can help students learn better and can lower the air temperature underneath them by up to 25 degrees.  Last year we worked with 1,310 elementary students to plant trees at three schools.  We love working with the students.  They really take ownership of the trees they plant.”

For more information go to www.TreesMatter.org.