Plexus Worldwide, a worldwide, leading direct-selling health and wellness company focused on health and happiness, launched its newest product, Plexus Lean™ today in front of 11,000 Ambassadors (Independent Business Owners) at its Plexus Legacy Convention in Orlando.

Immediately after the launch of Lean, Plexus surprised Ambassadors by presenting a $100,000 donation to Feeding America, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks, promising continued support. The company then announced its new Nourish One™ Initiative which will provide one meal for a child or family in need for every serving sold of its new Plexus Lean™ product. 

“We’re very excited to launch our newest product, Plexus Lean, in conjunction with the introduction of our Nourish One Initiative. For every serving of Lean purchased, Plexus through our philanthropic organization, Plexus Charities, will make a contribution to Feeding America, in an effort to provide meals to children and families in need,” said Tarl Robinson, Plexus CEO and Founder.  “Hunger often goes unnoticed in our communities and our goal is to help shine a light on this important issue and contribute toward its solution.”

Alec Clark, President and Founder of Plexus added, “As a company we believe in helping our Ambassadors and employees build a legacy not only for families, but for their communities. Hunger and food insecurity is a real concern for thousands of families.  We’re confident this $100,000 donation to Feeding America, combined with our commitment to donate an additional meal for each Plexus Lean shake sold, will have a real impact within this often-unnoticed community need.” 

“Currently, more than 41 million people are forced to make choices between buying food and paying for other necessities, like rent and utility bills,” said Nancy Curby, Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships at Feeding America.  “Feeding America looks forward to working together to help children and families across America and connecting with Plexus’ many Ambassadors as they find ways to give back in their own communities.”

Plexus Lean™ is a 100% vegetarian option loaded with 20-grams of plant-based protein from high-quality pea, rice and ancient grains. It boasts 24-vitamins and minerals, ALA (plant-based omega-3 fatty acid) and 2-grams of leucine for muscle support.  Plexus scientists also formulated Lean™ for good gut health, with 7-grams of dietary fiber including FOS, a-GOS and XOS prebiotic fibers to support the digestive system.

Plexus Lean’s™ smooth texture and rich, chocolate mocha flavor is easy to drink with 230-nutrient dense calories using ingredients easily absorbed by the body with no common allergens like gluten, soy, and dairy and is non-GMO. Lean™ is also free of preservatives and has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.