Today, at Camelback Toyota, the 100 Club of Arizona, a nonprofit that serves the first responder community, announced the beginning of a $100,000 partnership with the Valley Toyota Dealers Association today. The funds will be directed towards purchasing much needed safety gear for local police and fire departments as a part of the 100 Club’s Safety Enhancement Stipend Program. 

“The Valley Toyota Dealers Association has enabled us to literally double our budget in Maricopa County. We often are providing equipment, safety equipment for rural agencies, agencies that are underfunded, and don’t have the opportunities that we have here in Maricopa County,” said Angela Harrolle, CEO of the 100 Club of Arizona. “But because of Valley Toyota Dealerships Association, we now can provide an extra $100,000 in safety equipment throughout Maricopa County, and to start with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is wonderful.”

The partnership kicked off with the presentation of the first grant to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, which will use the funds to purchase air monitoring equipment to protect officers entering toxic or highly flammable environments.

“Thank you to the Toyota Valley Dealers, to the 100 Club, Frank and Angela for allowing us the opportunity to fund something of critical need, that often times is outside our ability within our budget,” Said Sheriff Paul Penzone. “It makes a huge difference for the men and women who every day put their lives on the line.” 

Additional grants to Maricopa County fire and police departments will be made from the fund throughout the next year.