A company based in Mesa is helping small businesses grow by providing online virtual assistants and other services to companies internationally who can’t afford to hire employees.

Amber Miller, CEO and Chief Delegation Diva of Smart to Finish Office Solutions LLC (STF), says she came up with the idea to provide outsourced services when she realized that many entrepreneurs need assistance with running their businesses but don’t know where to turn for help.

The company, which Miller founded in Mesa in 2004, provides services ranging from simple data entry and reporting to email marketing, setting up webinars, overseeing product launches and other tasks based on the needs of the client.

Miller says, “We can provide almost any service needed – from low-level tasks to actually running a business.” 

She initially provided services on her own but now employs a team of 9 virtual assistants, called the “Delegation Divas,” who are based in Arizona, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina and Ohio. The divas are hired based on their business experience, knowledge of technology and online expertise.

“Many business owners, especially solo entrepreneurs, try to do everything on their own but not having the right support will eventually cripple your growth. You’ll either burn out or start dropping balls resulting in lost sales. You have to delegate if you want your company to grow and we’re able to service clients on an international basis,” Miller adds.

In addition to working with businesses in Arizona, she says they have clients “from California to Massachusetts” and are even servicing businesses in Canada and Australia.  

Smart to Finish Office Solutions LLC provides services on a 10-hour monthly minimum basis and no contract is required. Each client first receives a free 30-minute consultation to determine the services needed for a project and is then assigned a Delegation Diva to provide the necessary support. Weekly updates are given as part of the service.

According to long-time client, entrepreneur and life coach Dallas Travers who is based in Los Angeles: “I hired Smart to Finish to replace a beloved assistant who was my right-hand woman for many years. Their team made the transition smooth, brought new expertise and ideas to the table and they have executed all tasks with minimal input”

In her spare time, Miller enjoys soaking up the sun in Arizona with her husband and three children.

When asked why STF has been so successful, she says “Our clients are not just task to us. We become part of their mission and journey. We’re in it for the long run. It’s fun to watch businesses grow.”

For more information on Smart to Finish Office Solutions LLC, visit www.smarttofinish.com, or www.thedelegationdiva.com, call (773) 231-TEAM or email info@smarttofinish.com.