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Today’s spotlight: Regina Van Buren, MD

Title: Medical director, Sonora Quest Laboratories

Dr. Van Buren is Sonora Quest Laboratories’ medical director and a board-certified pathologist. She is active in the healthcare community and has been instrumental in the laboratory industry for over 10 years.

Source of pride:Among all my accomplishments so far, I take the most pride on my role as a medical director of Sonora Quest Laboratories, one of the largest reference laboratories in the country.  I achieved this position as a result of my hard work, organized personality, teamwork, collaboration and effective communication skills with clinical clients and colleagues.”

The personality trait that helped you succeed:I am a compassionate person by nature. This paired with my strong leadership skills that I learned through incredible mentors along the way have been instrumental in my success in the medical business.  I remain focused and intuitive regarding the needs of my clients and the laboratory, ultimately fulfilling my goal of providing high quality and compassionate care to patients and their families in the community.”

The personality trait that got you into trouble:I usually stay away from trouble. Just kidding, I suppose my mischievous sense of humor could get me into trouble if I don’t keep it in check.”

Best childhood memory:I grew up on a farm in central Illinois and have fond memories of playing in the hayloft.  Friends and I would climb on the tall stacks of hay bales, swing on a rope and drop into a pile of hay.  I wasn’t concerned with spiders and mice back then!”