Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing has a mother-daughter duo to thank for its success in a male-dominated line of work. Sissie Roberts Shank has been the CEO of her grandfather’s (Chas Roberts) company since 1999. Her 25-year-old daughter Rachel has worked with the company in various roles since she was 19 years old. With so many members of the family working at Chas Roberts since its founding in 1942, it’s not surprising that Rachel and Sissie play such an integral role in the company. What is surprising is that they are doing it at a major HVAC company in the biggest market for Air Conditioning install and repair in the entire country. According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, only 1.6% of the entire workforce in Heating and Air Conditioning companies across the entire country are women. Sissie and Rachel are a mother-daughter team that defies the odds.

Just because these two have demonstrated that the status quo in HVAC doesn’t apply to them, doesn’t mean they aren’t realistic. Sissie Shank is adamant that Rachel not report to her directly and says that’s a big factor in their success. 

“Rachel and I are in two completely different departments. I’m always crunching numbers as the CEO and she is working on creative projects in her Director role in the Marketing Department. I still see her every day, but I get to be ‘Mom’ and not ‘Boss.’ It’s the best of both worlds and we are truly blessed,” said Roberts.

Rachel couldn’t be happier to work for “the family business” and feels right at home when she comes to work.

“Chas Roberts is my home and I always laugh a little when I pull up to my parking spot at the office and reach for my garage door opener, just like I would at home. I’ve worked other places and had great experiences, but nothing matches the feeling I get working with my mom and all the other members of my family who are here.”

A new mother herself, Rachel Stiak welcomed baby Caroline Stiak into the family in August of 2017. To no surprise, Caroline has become a regular fixture around the office as well. If history is any guide, Chas Roberts will become a mother-daughter-granddaughter team in due time.