With the holidays approaching, and as we go through life events and transitions in general, it’s only natural that we become busier than we’d like to be. Family get-togethers, new jobs, reinventing ourselves after retirement, marriage, divorce, friendships, children, grandchildren — these are all things that can take up our time and consume our minds. As women, it is our nature to want to be everything to everyone, which usually means family, career and a whole lot of multitasking.

Often when faced with a new challenge, whether it relates to healthcare, a newborn baby, or an ended relationship, we are asked if we have a good support system in place. So often we narrow our “system” down because we just don’t know where to find the time to nurture all of those relationships. Having your husband on speed dial is great when you need advice, but calling him to help advice on all obstacles is probably not nearly as effective. Calling your mom every time you need help with the kids may seem easier, but there’s nothing wrong at all with going out on a limb and asking a friend for a favor — one that can easily be returned. Broadening a support system is essential to finding a happy place in this hectic life, and while it may take some time out of your schedule to attend an event or meet new people, the return is oftentimes worth much more than the investment.

Platform ScottsdaleThis is why we decided to launch Platform Scottsdale earlier this year, to be that place for now more than 100 like-minded Valley women — be it stay-at-home moms, single ladies on-the-go or the career-minded trendsetter — who get together for our signature events three times a year to meet new friends, socialize and build their network of support. Not only does Platform Scottsdale promote and nurture these new connections in person, but also online through the “Pink Pages,” where all members sign up — whether they are business owners, students or a mom of five kids — and can connect, or reconnect, with women who are looking for the same thing as them: a support system.

Take yourself back to a time in your life when you were more carefree. Try and remember the people who held your hand through any adversity you faced. Certain people come into our lives for a specific purpose, and it’s important to let them help you for that purpose and not be afraid to ask different people for advice or guidance because that can only bring a fresh, new perspective.

Making time to meet new people at events like those that Platform Scottsdale host, joining a neighborhood book club or making new friends at the gym, add a variety of expertise to one’s support system and will only strengthen the ability to respond to life’s many — and promised — unending obstacles. Eventually, they may no longer be considered obstacles, but, instead, exciting challenges to overcome.

For more information about Platform Scottsdale and its upcoming events, visit platformscottsdale.com.