As people become more aware of the environment, and how their decisions have impacted it, they look for better ways to go about their daily lives. No parent wants to willingly leave the planet worse off for their children than it was for them growing up.

These modern environmental problems have led millions of people to seek out alternative, renewable sources of energy. Plastic bags have been pushed aside for reusable hemp ones. Electric vehicles are slowly becoming more popular.

As the world comes to understand the damage that is being done to the earth and even just the immediate environment, changes are being made.

Solar panels have been around for nearly 70 years, however, it has only been in the last couple of decades where people have truly embraced them. Yet, there are many reasons to turn to solar power, including reducing the carbon footprint of your main energy source.

Should you consider switching to solar power, and if you did, what benefits would you get? Will you save money, will it help the environment, or is it just another costly fad?

Should you consider solar power, and why?

When it comes to different types of renewable and sustainable energy, solar power may be the best choice. Biofuels have many champions, hydro and wind power have their benefits too. Solar power is possibly the easiest energy source to harness, and it is completely renewable.

There are lots of ways you can use solar power in and around the home. It can be used for camping, recharging devices, security, and even for vehicles. A bit further down the article, you can see many ways that solar power is being used.

Solar-powered lights often come alongside LEDs which means that you are not only helping the environment by not using fossil fuels, but you are also avoiding incandescent lights.

What is the problem with using electricity?

It is absolutely natural for anyone to take electricity for granted, but the more that is used, the more the planet is damaged.

To create electricity, fossil fuels need to be burned. Coal is burnt to make steam. This steam moves through a turbine and powers a generator which makes the electricity. This isn’t the only way that electricity is generated, but coal has always been a traditional method.

The problem here is that burning coal damages the environment. Emissions are produced including nitrogen oxide. The process of burning coal can also create acid rain. You may wonder why doesn’t everyone switch away from fossil fuels, but it isn’t that easy.

Unfortunately, it isn’t simple for utility companies to switch to renewable power. Investment is needed, along with research and development.

You shouldn’t worry though, because fossil fuels won’t be here forever.

When will fossil fuels end?

Unless new seams of coal and other fossil fuels are found, other energy sources will have to come into play. Fossil fuels are running out, and possibly all of them in your lifetime, or at least the next generation’s.

The three main sources of energy that the world refers to as fossil fuels are; oil, coal, and natural gas.

The Chinese were discovering and using oil back in 600 BC, but it was around the late 1850s that things really changed. Although coal and other fossil fuels have been used for a long time, it is the more recent generations that have drained the earth.

According to The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere oil will run out in just 30 years. Natural gas and coal will both be gone before the next century.

This is why finding another sustainable source of energy is vital to the survival of both the planet and the human race.

The real benefits of using solar panels

Firstly, the sun isn’t going anywhere. While fossil fuels are causing harm to the environment, and running out, the sun brings many benefits.

The sun provides people with vitamin D. This is an essential vitamin, and around 42% of Americans are deficient in it. The sun provides warmth, it improves moods, and it can also provide energy.

The best thing of all? The sun is not predicted to run out of hydrogen or die until another 5 or 10 billion years, This makes it a far safer bet than coal or oil.

Not only is the sun good for your health, within limits, it can also provide power. Solar energy itself can also save you money. Electricity and gas can be expensive, but solar power is free.

Many purchases you may make might never pay for themselves, however, an article by Mental Floss pointed out that solar energy is not one of these. While it can be expensive to install solar panels, they could pay for themselves after only 7 years.

They might also add value to your home, make it more secure, and just improve the ambiance.

What could solar power do for you?

You probably already understand that solar power is a better source of energy than burning coal, but how can it help you?

Many people will just be hoping to reduce their utility bills. If you are using solar power then you won’t need to use electricity, or at least not as much. But the savings go further.

If you are using solar energy to power light bulbs then you will find that you don’t have to replace them nearly as much. LED lights outlast every other type of bulb you will find in your home or garden. Landfills will also be happier as there will be less waste heading there.

Solar power can be utilized in many ways that might surprise you.

In what ways can you harness solar power in and around your home?

If you are interested in fully exploring the options for this renewable power, then you might want to explore the solar panel installation guide. However, you can start using solar power in a much smaller way.

Solar panels can power your RV, they can provide energy for your home, and they can bring you light. When you think of solar panels, you may think of the ones you see on the roofs of houses but there are many ways you can use solar power.

Today, solar power is being used in the home and outside, and by regular people, in the following ways:

• Security

• Ambiance

• Driveway lights

• Energy for the home

• Powering RVs

• Camping

• Pool lights

• Pool covers

Security is a massive concern for many people. Connecting lights to solar power mean that the home is lit up by solar panels, but at no extra cost to the owner. The driveway can be lit up through solar power, and the utility bills won’t be affected.


Installing solar panels can provide enough energy, in the right regions, to power a home. This can mean having no electric bills to worry about, and also the chance to make money.

If you stored up more energy than you needed, you could sell it back to your energy supplier. Not only that, your home may be worth more by having those solar panels.

Asides from the cost savings, the environment will be better off by you using solar power. If you cannot consider installing solar panels on your home, then next time you want to put lights in your garden, buy solar ones. Small changes make big differences.