Everyone wants to be at their best and we are sure about the fact that no one actually wants to spill hot coffee on their hands, get stains on their clothes or scald their surroundings, which means paying extra care while handling your drinks. Observing the same issue among the masses, it was back in 1975 when the first patent was filed for a drink lid that had a fold-back tab that could be attached to the lid so that it stayed away from the drink.

Just like any other first invention or discovery, these coffee cup lids were not very convenient and had a need for improvement. Thus, it was in the 1980s that major progress in lid design was observed. A total of 26 patents were filed during this time that addressed various improvements. For instance, different sizes, the comfort of the customer, splash-reduction, spill-proof & one-handed use. It won’t be wrong to say that the 1980s was the era of advancement for coffee cup lids.

For those of you who believe in the notion of details do matter, that is exactly how one ended up with coffee cup lids. Whether it is a house party or office meeting, when everything from your hair to shoes is top-notch, then why not your coffee cup lid. And for the ones who are operating a business and serve beverages on a daily basis, it is really important to keep in mind that you use best in class and most consumer-friendly serving utensils in order to provide them with comfort and have an impeccable retention rate or returning customers. It doesn’t really matter whether you run a small coffee shop or own a huge café. What matters is the quality that you bring to the table and the presentation. Furthermore, over years of work and progress, coffee cup lids not only enhanced in their shape and size but the quality also improved. Manufacturers have tried to create better quality lids with various modifications and over these years we have developed various designs. To find out more and explore the subtly impressive design behind the sippable plastic lid, you can head over to Mental Floss. The above-mentioned link will give you a thorough knowledge of the development of coffee cup lids over all these years.

As we are talking about advancement in coffee cup lids, we are intrigued by discrete questions like why a lid has different buttons, what’s the purpose of two holes in the lid and likewise. Well, we have answers for everything! It is observed that customers are attracted by-products that are more personalized or make it easier for them to operate. Keeping this thought in mind, several buttons are provided on the lid of cups indicating what type of drink it holds, which makes it possible for a customer to carry a lot together and also, differentiate among them without any confusion by just looking at the lid. Moving ahead and talking about the purpose of the two holes over coffee cup lids. Well, there’s a scientific reason behind this design. While one hole is created to sip the drink via straw in case of cold beverages, the other hole helps in letting the air fill space in the cup by not creating a vacuum. It is when lids don’t have an extra hole that bubbles are created in a drink, especially if it’s aerated. On the other hand, lids that are used to cover hot drinks have two holes so the steam can escape and coffee cup lids don’t melt due to high temperatures. Now, if your curiosity is bubbling to read more about the ‘two holes secret’, have a glance at Wonderoplois’ blog.