The Netherlands — a place of supreme diversity — is home to the Dutch, a people known for their spirit of exploration. Like the inquisitive and adventurous people from this area, Siebe Baker was no different. Baker embarked on his own pilgrimage when he immigrated to the U.S. and started his own company in 1890. More than a century later, the nationwide store now known as Baker Knapp and Tubbs is known for its craftsmanship classic furniture, custom-selected materials and fine detailing.

The company’s products are best recognized for their classic style and quality. Materials are separately chosen for each individual product, resulting in superior features and characteristics. Sophisticated artisans use traditional techniques such as carving, hand planing, upholstery, inlay, marquetry and veneering. All products have a signature finish that is painstakingly applied by hand coloring.

It is only appropriate this level of quality furniture be housed in an equally superior showroom that’s truly like no other. Baker joined forces with its sister company, McGuire, to open Baker Scottsdale, a new location in the Scottsdale Airpark. An arched doorway unites the two stores to form a resource-rich hub for furniture, exclusive textiles and leathers all under one roof.

The 3,783-square-foot showroom’s black flooring and cream-colored walls provide a simple backdrop for the impressive array of furniture, lighting and accessories on display. Creatively exhibited in lifestyle categories — contemporary, casual and traditional — the displays feature one of the largest retail presentations of Baker products in the country, housing more than 20 in-house and designer collections, as well as an assortment of complementary items.

“The items selected for the Scottsdale location reflect a combination of our newest and most fashion-forward designer collections balanced by an assortment of the distinctive, classic looks long associated with Baker and McGuire,” says Lee Russ, business development manager for Kohler Interiors.

With the customer always in mind, staff members offer floor planning assistance and can visit customers’ homes for design consultations. For more complicated projects, customers are referred to independent design professionals who have access to the showroom.

“Together with (the collections) and the ability of our staff to special order any item, finish or option in the entire product range, (this) makes Baker Scottsdale a premier venue for two of America’s premier furniture brands,” Russ says.

Marta Szwaya, vice president of showrooms and stores for Baker Knapp and Tubbs agrees. 

“Previously, our retail customers simply haven’t been exposed to things like our lighting gallery and our proprietary accessories,” she says.  “Together with an innovative new resource area and many custom finish options, all of this promises to finally put the creative experience on the level of the brand.”

The company has high hopes the new location will be a popular shopping destination.

“Scottsdale is a very affluent and quality-focused city, with tremendous support for architecture and the performing arts,”  says Rachel D. Kohler, group president of Kohler Interiors. “This is a place where people have a passion for their home.”

The opening of the new store brings to life Kohler Interiors’ long-term goal to showcase a full range of its businesses at one location and create a truly pragmatic shopping destination. Flanking the Baker Scottsdale showroom will be the final two businesses under the Kohler Interiors umbrella with the opening of McGuire and Ann Sacks, which carries tile, stone and luxury plumbing products.

Baker Scottsdale’s mission statement sums it up to a tee: “Each day we strive to inspire and fulfill a higher level of gracious living for our customers, through design that distinguishes, quality that endures, and service that delights.