2021 witnessed major corporate relocations to Texas with top companies like Tesla, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle moving to the state. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk as well as Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, and Splunk CEO Douglas Merrit are now a resident of Texas. This could be attributed to the fact that Texas was named the #1 state for business in America for the eighth consecutive time since 1996.

The economic environment in Texas makes it a convincing decision to move a company across the country. The state has one of the lowest corporate rates in America, is closer to the center of the country, and corporate rent is also quite competitive compared to other major metros in the US.

Therefore no one would blame you if you want to shift corporate base from say, San Diego, California to San Diego, Texas. As long as you hire professional long-distance movers in San Diego, California, the move should go smoothly without you having to worry about stuff like packing and moving.

Whether you are trying to expand the business or targeting new market segments, a cross-country move brings a plethora of possibilities. And with a well-defined plan in place, the move can be done without any loss or service disruptions. Here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid when moving an office long distance.

Don’t Forget to Inform Your Customers and Clients

One of the most common mistakes businesses tend to commit when planning a move is to not inform their clients or customers about the move. No matter how efficient the relocation planning is, the business is bound to experience some level of disruption during the actual move.

This can be anything from not having access to customer data while handling queries or the inability to dispatch orders during the move. This emphasizes how important it’s to keep your customers and clientele in the loop. Inform them that the business is moving to a new state and convey your apologies in advance for any service delays or disruptions.

Let the customers know that the business will be operating from a new location from so and so date. Additionally, provide them additional means to reach out to the company and its employees in case of any emergency or urgent inquiry regarding the service.

While at it, also inform the other stakeholders. These include the suppliers and vendors, who will need to update their database with your new location and address for future correspondence. Also, update your new address with the state if you’re a limited liability company (LLC).

Don’t Hire Inexperienced Movers

One of the biggest mistakes that any company can commit while planning a long-distance or cross-country move is to entrust the process to an inexperienced mover. Every business owner worth their salt will know the importance of hiring good professional and trusted moving service providers.

Let’s say you are shifting base from Chula Vista in California to Texas, experienced movers in Chula Vista will be aware of the road conditions, weather patterns, and traffic in both states. This knowledge helps them identify and pick the best possible route for the relocation as well as the best routes for the moving trucks to avoid any unplanned delays.

Professional long-distance movers will also go to the extent of helping you procure the necessary paperwork and permits required to move industrial equipment. Several corporate relocation providers also offer services like furniture installation and junk removal from the new address.

Also, make sure to hire a moving company that has local branches in both the source and destination location. Before making the final selection, contact these movers and find out if they provide insurance coverage for damage and losses, if yes then what kind.

Don’t Plan The Move By Yourself

If you’ve already hired professional long-distance or cross-country movers to relocate your business, it’s a given that you’re on top of your relocation planning. However, as a business owner, you need to keep track of various aspects of the business, and planning a relocation amidst all this will only feed the frenzy.

In a frenzy, you might forget to take backup of important data or not inform important departments about the plan. The best way to avoid any such mishap is to form a dedicated team to handle the relocation from your team as well as the moving company. This will ensure that all department heads are on the same page and the move goes as smoothly as you hoped it to be.

Moving your business cross country could be beneficial for the company. But you can only reap the benefits if the relocation is successful. To ensure that it is, look for experienced long-distance movers, which specialize in corporate relocation. Lastly, don’t take it upon yourself to plan the relocation while still handling the business and instead form an efficient relocation team.