Danielle Feroleto is the ultimate team player.

“I’m a teacher at heart,” says the principal and owner of Small Giants, a woman-owned, award-winning marketing agency. “I love mentoring and teaching and watching people learn from the things that inspire them. Fostering an environment in which people continue to learn and grow only benefits us and
our clients.”

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The essence of teaching is the heart of Feroleto’s career. She pioneered the first marketing and business development course at the Del E. Webb School of Construction at ASU in 2014, where she has served as an associate faculty member, educating hundreds of future construction professionals. In addition, her book “The Truth Helps: An Honest, Straightforward Guide to Project Interview Success,” has served as a guiding light for teams to win projects.

Here’s what Feroleto had to say in a recent discussion.

Az Business: What’s the special sauce that makes Small Giants such an effective agency?

Danielle Feroleto: For our clients, the culture of responsiveness is our brand promise, and that responsiveness in this environment is critical. A lot of people make commitments, and they don’t deliver on them. They have good ideas, but they don’t come to fruition. To be a true partner to our clients, we’re as intensely focused and committed to the deadlines and deliverables as they are. Creative people that have an end goal and a deadline in mind — that’s a unique set of two different goals and we strive to achieve both of those goals. That makes us different as an agency.

AB: How were you able to maintain that creativity and culture through the pandemic?

DF: The COVID environment kind of accelerated innovation and pivoting, and we were all committed to getting through the unprecedented times in a unique way. It brought us together through different forms, even though we were remote. We’ve always had two offices, one in Denver and one in Phoenix, so we’ve mastered the art of how to collaborate remotely, but nothing replaces being together and just building that trust that comes with being face to face. I think having a blend of giving people time to be on their own and to think at a higher creative level and then also finding time for some assembly has been a good recipe for us.

AB: What’s ahead for Small Giants in 2022 and beyond?

DF: We just doubled our space and expanded into the entire second floor of the building we’re in. We’re making our video production and animation studio a permanent location fixed in our office, so that improves the level of service that we can provide to our clients. In the coming years, I am looking forward to new innovations in marketing, bringing new ways of presenting a company’s brand and message, and building awareness of the great companies we work with through different vehicles. That has been exciting and that continues to be fueled by the innovative team we have at Small Giants.