July 24, 2021

Dave Euse

Data protection: 2 tips to stay safe online

The Internet is such a powerful, wonderful tool to help us connect with great people, products and services. However, even the smallest clicks and searches online can be stored by companies who are collecting and selling your data. Companies use this data to target ads from the “demographic” they have pinned you as—a topic that was heavily focused on in the documentary “The Social Dilemma.” According to the Harvard Business Review, data sales have grown to be a $200 billion business.

There are companies out there that are protecting your data by not selling it—since they honor your privacy.

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To stay safe online, here are a couple of tips you can use:

Be selective with the sites that you share your personal data with

It may seem like a simple ask for a company to request your email address. But in today’s digital age, our inbox is our new mailbox. Therefore, it’s important to reduce the clutter of your inbox by being selective about the apps, websites and services that you share that information with. Try to keep the number of sites that you share your email address with to a minimum.

Also, if the site looks sketchy, it probably is. Research the company and make sure they are legitimate. Check their online reviews and social media pages to find out if other people have run into an issue with them in the past. You do not want to share your personal information with any scam website.

Research the company to see if they sell your data

Read the privacy policies to get insight on how a website might use your data. These sites are banking on us not reading through the fine print, but if you do you research, it will be worth the extra glance.

Selling someone’s personal data is a breach of a customer’s privacy. Some companies will even promote that they do not sell your information—which gives you an easy way to find out if you can trust them. At SavonServices, protect homeowners by keeping their data private. 

Overall, a quick read through the privacy protection policy of the website and decreasing the number of sites you share your data with will be helpful in keeping your data safe. Just remember to stay vigilant while online.

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