Dynarex Corporation, a leading durable medical equipment and disposable medical products company, announced its new industrial warehouse in the Greater Phoenix area of Glendale, Arizona. The expansive 250,000 square-foot facility will serve as Dynarex’s Southwest regional distribution facility.

“We are pleased and excited to announce the opening of this extensive hub to better serve our customers’ needs,” said Dynarex CEO Zalman Tanenbaum. “Our new warehouse offers three times the space of our previous facility in the region, providing increased storage capacity, greater efficiency, and the potential for future expansion into additional product lines.”

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The expansive building includes administrative office space and features 40-foot ceilings with ample clearance to accommodate a four-level racking system. The facility houses 16 high-level bay doors that open for full van access allowing for more efficient operation and faster dispatching. “These enhanced features ultimately mean we can provide higher levels of productivity and more accurate fulfillment to our valued partners,” added Mr. Tanenbaum.

The spacious warehouse in Maricopa County—Arizona’s most populous county—is easily accessible to the Arizona State 101 loop, Interstate I-10 freeway, and Glendale Municipal Airport. “The Phoenix, Arizona region is one of the fastest growing markets in the country,” remarked Robert Wittman, Dynarex COO. “Our new facility is centrally located in a vibrant industrial complex, convenient to major highways and commercial hubs.

“The City of Glendale is honored to welcome Dynarex to Glen Harbor Airpark,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “Their contributions to help support pandemic relief by providing vital medical supplies and equipment have positively impacted many communities. It is businesses like these that make our city unique, and this vibrant corridor will continue to thrive with them here.”

The new facility at 7811 North Glen Harbor Boulevard joins the roster of Dynarex warehouses conveniently located across the Northeast, Central, Mid-Atlantic, and Western Regions of the United States.

“We are thrilled that Dynarex has selected Glendale as its regional distribution hub,” said Greater Phoenix Economic Council President & CEO Chris Camacho. “Greater Phoenix’s proximity to other leading markets provides an advantage to the company, and with the potential for continued expansion, Dynarex and the region are poised for symbiotic growth.”