A study shows Phoenix and Tempe are 2 of the most affordable cities in which to work and live. Residents of Phoenix have an average of 81% of their salary leftover after rent and Tempe residents have an average of 79% left.

Many factors determine where people settle down but having the opportunity to live your best life is at the top of the list. 

In a rapidly changing economy – new industries are thriving in new locations – and many cities and states are becoming attractive destinations based on financial opportunity and cost of living.

BusinessStudent.com – factoring in average salary and rent in each city nationwide – released The 25 Most Affordable Cities to Live and Work.  

Here were some of the national findings:

• The average income left after rent in the top 25 cities is 81 percent.

Texas had five cities in the top 25.

• The Midwest placed eight cities on our list, including three in Ohio alone.

• Oklahoma boasts two of the top three cities, including the overall No. 1.

• Dallas had the highest average salary in the top 25 at $82,609, while its Texas neighbor, College Station, had the lowest average salary at just $55,086.

• The cheapest average monthly rent was $863 in Tulsa, while the highest average rent was Dallas’ $1,422.