BroadcastAZ, a Broadcast USA company, unveils one of the country’s leading HD digital broadcast facilities in Scottsdale. This state-of-the-art HDTV Production & Broadcast Center opens June 15, 2012 to take advantage of the high concentration of breaking news from Arizona and nationally-ranked Arizona public companies.

Where HD video is the medium of choice, BroadcastAZ boasts a fully-equipped HD digital broadcast center, capable of televising live High Definition or Standard Definition signals via a dedicated high speed video pipeline to an HD Hub in New York City. The signal is then available to more than 200 major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN and global networks as well. BroadcastAZ features two complete HD digital broadcast studios including High Definition cameras and teleprompter, computer controlled lighting grid, control room, video pipeline connection, robotically controlled HD-camera with a lighting and sound system in Studio A for ‘talking head’ or ‘live-shot’ interviews, plus a green room/make-up room for talent. Studio B is a 1200 square foot HD studio suitable for major shows needing up to five HD cameras, greenscreen and custom set designs.

“There has been a rapidly emerging convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication which is the direct result of the ongoing development of digital technologies,” said Bonnie Adams, director of operations for BroadcastAZ. “We have made improvements in our traditional HD digital broadcast studio by fostering and promoting the breakthroughs in media broadcast markets including breaking news, financial industries, public company communication with financial analysts, annual meetings and shareholder media advisories, along with satellite media tours.”

BroadcastAZ chose Scottsdale for its first West regional location due to the favorable business climate that the city offers. Arizona is also a national source for breaking news, financial trends, green energy, medical technology, and global tourism.

“As Scottsdale continues its strong economic recovery, we are thrilled that BroadcastAZ has decided to join the growing list of companies that have chosen to make Scottsdale their home,” said Mayor W.J. ‘Jim’ Lane. “BroadcastAZ fits well into Scottsdale’s growing technology industry and we wish them nothing but continued success.”

Adams talks about that BroadcastAZ will also contribute to job creation in Arizona by hiring 12-15 professionals (over the next twelve months) with experience in growing sectors such as sales, marketing, advertising, content, broadcasting and digital communication. There will also be opportunities for IT professionals to work with their innovative core technologies including robotics, software system controls, and wireless technologies.

“Our team will lead Arizona into the Broadcasting World of the Future by offering live broadcasts, live streaming, live recording and live upload to social media sites like,” said Douglas Collins, director of sales.

“In addition, BroadcastAZ has purchased the revolutionary Azzurro HD Camera System to install in our newly constructed live broadcast Studio A. The HD digital broadcast studio itself has acoustic foam walls that also double as a ‘blue screen’ studio, flat screen monitors (HD), superior sound and studio lighting, and a green room with full make-up area,” added Collins.

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