As any other loving and nurturing moms, celebrity mothers also have the same decisions to make when choosing the best education for their children. Though money might not be an issue for them, they still have to pick the system which they think is the best for the kids. Let us then take a look at the educational choices of these 5 famous women in the entertainment industry.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie has 3 adopted kids and 3 biological kids with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Other than her acting skills and being married once to the famous actor, she is known for her humanitarian works including a strong advocacy in providing education to suppressed communities like girls in Afghanistan and other groups in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America as well as in Asia. If she has that level of commitment to other people’s education, she must have higher standards for her children’s learning.

Angelina Jolie prefers her 6 children home-schooled and she personally oversees the education provided to them. Aside from reading and mathematics, her children are learning different languages and taking music classes wherein they play musical instruments.

She let her children choose the language that they want to learn, from Khmai (Cambodian language), Vietnamese, German and Russian, even to sign language. She is 100% okay with it and eagerly hires specialist teachers who can teach the kids such languages.

Apart from that, Jolie’s kids also learn various sports like soccer, skateboarding, and self-defense techniques.

Though the kids are taught mostly by tutors at home, Jolie once enrolled her children into the Lycée Français, a French schooling program with international campuses in New York, Prague, Venice and other cities. The kids can easily attend the offsite campus whenever they were traveling.

But Angelina Jolie’s distaste for the educational system in America led her to choose to homeschool her children. She believes that the education system has not leveled up to the millennial way of life of today’s youth.

Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise, the only daughter of Katie Holmes with the Mission Impossible icon Tom Cruise, has experienced different schooling systems at the age of 12.

During her younger years and when her mom and dad were still together, Suri was homeschooled. Holmes shared before that they homeschool Suri, giving her a one-on-one education with a tutor who teaches her every day.

But when Cruise and Holmes separated, the latter wanted to give her daughter a “normal life”, thus, she decided to enroll her child in a regular school.

The Dawson’s Creek babe chose the elite and futuristic institution called Avenues to be Suri’s first traditional school. It is located in Chelsea, New York, a school that promises a global-wide education by providing high-quality academic skills and second language fluency to their students making them confident and ready for whatever their future brings. The school also has 20 different campuses around the globe such as Paris, Cairo, and Buenos Aires.  Avenues’ students will be visiting these campuses for 6 to eight weeks during their middle or high school years.

Though only a 10-minute walk from Holmes’ apartment in Chelsea, this celebrity mom must have liked the world-class educational system being offered by Avenues more than its proximity.

Sarah Jessica Parker

For mommies with twin children, one of the considerations in choosing the school for their children is if they will enroll their kids in just one school or not.

The Sex and City actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, just revealed in her Instagram posts that she enrolled her twin daughters in separate schools. She posted two photos wherein the caption says the eight-year-old third-graders walked each other to school. No press release was made to announce this decision of the actress though she replied to one of the commenters in her post. SJP wrote, “that’s what they chose!”

She once said in an interview that her twins have different interests but are still devoted to each other. At a young age, Tabitha and Marion already know that they need time away from each other. One idea that came up is attending different schools.

Though studies fail to link better education and different schools attended for twins, Parker did something right by listening to her children and giving them the chance to choose their own path to take when it comes to learning and education.

Cynthia Nixon

Another member of the Sex and City ladies and has a strong advocacy towards education is Cynthia Nixon. She was a product of New York City’s public school system and still intensely believes in it.

She sends her children, Samantha, Charles, and Max, to a public school in New York City’s Upper West Side and she actively participate in Parent-Teacher Association programs and activities.

She regularly attends meetings at the Board of Education and is frequently seen in local community rallies to show support to her kids’ school beliefs and rights.

Nixon appreciates the public school teachers whom she described as remarkable, dedicated, and well-trained. She also commented on the range of kids who attend public schools giving a more fun and exciting environment for her children.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Being married to Chris Martin of Coldplay, Paltrow initially raised her children in London. As a typical NYC private school girl, she was not used to the “leveling system” of Britain’s schools. Choosing the appropriate school for her daughter Apple and son Moses was complicated and had a lot of adjusting to.

Paltrow admitted that she looked into different schools in North London and when she had to make the decision, she chose the school where she felt like she would have gone there.

She also had to experience the “no special treatment” environment in London schools unlike in America wherein money and fame can give you flexibility when scheduling for an interview in an elite school.

When she divorced Coldplay’s lead man, she moved back to Los Angeles and enrolled her children to Harvard-Westlake School. Though Paltrow revealed that she was outraged, disgusted and upset with the recent incident involving Harvard-Westlake students who posted homophobic and racist language on social media, she still trusts the institution and believes in the impeccable reputation of Harvard-Westlake in sending off its students to top colleges.


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