Governor Doug Ducey today announced an investment of nearly $14 million to support career training and development programs for Arizona high school students and underserved communities.

“Arizona is a land of limitless opportunity,” said Governor Ducey. “We are a state where anyone can get a good education and find a quality job. This funding will cement our position as a national model for preparing workers for tomorrow’s jobs – it will empower Arizonans by dramatically increasing job training opportunities.”

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The investments are directed to five important job training programs that work with students and job seekers throughout Arizona. They include:Local First Arizona Foundation: $9.5 million to address workforce shortages and economic challenges in five Northern Arizona counties. The newly created Northern Arizona Good Jobs Network will convene under the leadership of the Local First Arizona Foundation to develop a regional workforce training ecosystem. The network is designed to get individuals back to work and increase wage growth throughout in-demand sectors, while securing and retaining quality jobs. The effort will combine the work of community colleges, local employers and ARIZONA@WORK to develop employer-based curricula and training programs. Scholarpath: $2 million for a tool that helps students find their ideal career pathway, whether it be postsecondary education, the military or an industry credential. Scholarpath helps students plan for life after high school using analytics, verified data and real-time connections to opportunities of interest. It also allows higher education institutions, military installations and private industry employers to connect with matched students seamlessly, all while maintaining the highest levels of student privacy and parental controls.ACT WorkKeys Assessment: More than $1.6 million to help Arizona high school students have access to quality career exploration and clear information about their readiness for any career pathway after high school. The ACT WorkKeys Assessment provides a common language for educators, workforce developers and employers to communicate skills required and for students to showcase their strengths and interests. Students who meet certain requirements on the WorkKeys Assessment will earn a National Career Readiness Certificate.McKnight Educational Consulting for College Admissions: $500,000 to assist African American high school students and their parents with the necessary resources to navigate the college admissions process step-by-step. Support from the McKnight Educational Consulting for College Admissions helps close the gap and help more students determine the best educational fit for them and successfully apply to a two-year or four-year college. EMS Staffing Solutions: $250,000 for EMS Staffing Solutions to provide job and skills training, as well as housing and transportation to the formerly incarcerated, high risk population. EMS aims to create a future where men and women from all different walks of life can successfully enter the workforce and become contributing members of society while providing for themselves and their families.