Parents in the west valley now have more options when it comes to quality childcare. Westside Head Start is expanding its program at Glendale Community College to serve toddlers between 1 and 3 years old.

“Our facility at GCC is innovative and unique,” explains Larry Campbell, Director of Westside Head Start. “Our classrooms have a window for observation and our GCC students conduct a learning lab from watching interactions between the children and teachers. This creates a win-win situation for all – children receive quality education and care and GCC students receive real-life learning experiences.”

The facility currently serves pre-kindergarten children, but will be expanding its services to include early education programs for one to three year olds in October. The program will offer a comprehensive and enriching pre-school environment for children. Program participation is free to ensure no child is “left behind,” but space is limited and is based on an income eligibility criteria. Children with learning delays and/or diagnosed disabilities receive priority placement. Additionally, the program gives preference to children of students enrolled at GCC, but applications will be accepted from around the community for consideration.  This is of great benefit to students with young children in that they can continue their education while their children receive quality early childhood services on the same campus.

The program is also searching for experienced early education staff and volunteers who would assist launching the program. “The success of the program is dependent on the experienced and caring personnel we recruit. We are dedicated to finding individuals who are passionate about educating children in our community,” says Campbell.

Westside Head Start operates over 40 classrooms throughout western Maricopa county.

For more information about Westside Head Start, a program of Catholic Charities Community Services, please visit To apply for the early education program for your child, call 623-934-3657. For hiring or volunteer opportunities, please call 623-486-9868 x 55021.